Hilton Garden Inn

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Hilton Garden Inn

I looked into those eyes

I felt home,


When your voice leaves your lips,

I wanted to hush them with a-


Invite you to my hotel to write

Gaze at your profile and that perfect jawline,

Trace your hands with a gentle touch,

Confess my love.

But, I pretend I am just a fan.

I await your arrival

Year after year,

Like a loyal dog.

Yet, I know what we have is intimate

Original and special.

How am I supposed to love-

Absolutely anyone?

When you reside in between my eyes.

My brain your home where our escape lies.

You consuming me when I am-


Your name carved into my skin like hope

Down to the bone.

xx Erin N. Buckley xx


#love #romance #dedication #knowledge

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Sat 2nd Mar 2019 23:15

“Your name carved into my skin like hope.” Love that line! Beautiful, intimate poem. Thanks for sharing. ?

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