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stepping softly

you trod the path

to my front door


never rang the bell

played favourite songs

over and over until


senses on overload

surrounded by romance

you kissed me quick


heart pumped electric

singing over barriers

erected years ago


against pain and hurt

welcomed as veins

formed highways


joined the chorus


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I’m losing my mind.

Don’t you understand?

I’m desperately reaching out for your hand.

Don’t leave me hanging, slipping, falling…

down into the endless abyss of darkness,

Never destined to land.


You’ve saved me once before,

But this time there are no safety ropes.

I’m free-falling, plummeting, going down…

My only hope Is for you to save me now.


I’m losing my ...

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abandoneddarknessdeepdepressiondesperationdrowningemotional painfallingforgottenhelphurtleftlimbolosslostlovemental healthmindone-sidedpainpoemstoryunrequited love

Timeless Temptation

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{Timeless Temptation} 


He had lips like a

sweet soft angles

lips that made my

heart melt away

to rubbish 



As his eyes

sparkled in mine

like the starry

skies above my



But his words

was intoxicating

to my ears as the

sound of his heart

and mine pounded

loud and louder

until I no longer

could hear his

words just th...

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love poemlove poetryOne_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina GloverPoempoetryshort poemsshort poetryshort storiesTina Gloverwordy queenwriting out loud

Life's Expectations

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{Life's Expectations}



Life isn't what we

think or expect it

to be 


Because life can be

filled with hurt, pain,

sickness, death, lying,

cheating and

bamboozled with

condensing pricks

that only seems to

think of themselves

and no one else in

life no matter how it

effects the other

person in the situation

at hand 



Because my ...

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fictional characterLife poemOne_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina Gloverpoempoetryshort poemsshort poetryshort storiesTina Gloverwlife poetrywordy queenwriting out loud

Executed By You

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{Executed By You}



It's strange how

it feels like I've

been executed by

you for so long now



Because in your

eyes I've done

everything wrong

but I haven't done

anything besides

loving you 


But I've paid my

faults and wrongs

and dues a billion

times over with you




But the truth of it is

that you want to


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hurting poemhurting poetrylifeOne_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina GloverpoemsadnessTina Gloverturthwordy queenwriting short poemswriting short poetrywriting short stories


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Once I held his love

and affections so

deeply embedded

into my heart so it

would never apart 



Until the day my brown

eyed rough tough with

the heart of perfection

left my side when an

horrible accident

happened that's when

my heart was ripped

straight out of my chest

leaving a gaping hole

there where his love

once remained at 


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lifelivingloving himOne_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina GloverPoempoetrysad poemssad poetryTina Glover

His Love

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(His Love) 


His love had grabbed

her heart at first

sight and she began

to fall in love with

this man because

the poetic word's

he wrote to her

and it made her

heart rhythm

pick-up pounding

faster and faster

for him and his

word's was slowly

being engraved upon

her damaged layers

of her heart easing

her weary mind about

reopening her hea...

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Love poemslove poems for himlove poetryOne_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina GloverpoempoetryTina Gloverwordy queenwriting

I need you

My love, I need you.

Here I am falling in love with the beauty of the world.

Waiting for you, as if it were the end of the world.

I do not mind the wait,

I have the time.

But I have to be honest,

I need you.

I've felt you before,

and that's fine

Someday I'll see you,

and I'll know.

And even if you do not know, it's fine.

I have love to give and loves will ...

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aestheticcouplesdramadreamsfriendsfutureheylifelovenewpoempoetpuerto ricanwaiting

In My Arms

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I found a picture of you in my arms,

Sleeping securely, safe from harm,

As you knew it, anyway.

Your trust for me was complete,

You wanted for nothing

And thought of my love only

As often as a bird thinks of sky.

You didn’t yet know people

Can go away or even die.


I know how things changed,

But I can’t bear to think of it.

I picture you now, with your love


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Headphones and Wine bottles

Not exactly dressed for the kill-

Hell, she can’t even walk

In a straight line-

But she’ll still be able to find her way

To you.

In these heels,

In those thoughts,

She dances with wine bottles

While headphones play

Some song

That had nothing to do with you.

Bare feet circle bare floors;

Bare hands hang onto

Bare walls-

Or the toilet seat.

She feels poet...

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Seeking Joy

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At an unprogrammed Quaker meeting

The spirit moved someone

To remind us to find our Joy.


After, a friend said she would

Find joy in a nice boy toy.

Or maybe it was a toy boy.

She said one is a boy

You’d like as a toy

And the other is something

A boy would like to play with.


We giggled at that,

And I was reminded of a joke

About a party where everyone


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To be...To become...

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Why won’t you write me…
Lay me down on paper…
Like your time on a string…?

Don’t speak of me…
Just, lay me down…
Not for glory, or money…
But just to help me be…

Let me be your song…
Your poem…
Let me be your love…
Your work of art…
Write me down!!!

Let every word be your sword…
Every verse your dagger…
Stab that paper with your tears…
With the silence of your fears…
No one w...

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poempoetryTo be...To becomexoanxo

Coffee Shop Blues

Bakers and coffee shops

Line the streets,

And I find myself

Nestling inside a few

To find a comfort

Only coffee beans and bacon

Can provide.

Warming cold hands

From frost;

Warming strangers to the

Idea of companionship

And togetherness.


Mugs and teaspoons

Hold a special place

In my heart;

Teapots and saucers have

A special kind of solac...

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Roadside shop.

Roadside Shop


Two fans enthusiastically spin amongst

a pile of rubbish waiting for pick up,



Through wind and rain, even thunder,

“Look at me!” but nothing moves.

Clever stack.


Unlike No 2’s plant pots. Scattered

colourful rattles voicing the gusts.



Drive-bys;  inspection opportunists.

Recycling on a budget or business,

who kn...

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poemroadside rubbishrubbish rulessuburbia

I can see your face in dry paint

The answers you gave,
the truth you didn't speak,
were the things I wanted to hear.

We still have our habits,
we still live our old lives,
hiding the things that shouldn't be seen.

What do we get if our feelings hide in secrecy,
what do we do when the things we love aren't real...

Somehow I love you,
I don't know why,
I need you.

With the energy I have left,
I reach for the rem...

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The morning dew is

on my shoes the birds

are chirping and singing

their tunes as the

morning sun brightens

up the sky with warm

crisper air that made

you take a deep breath

into your lungs waiting

to exhale 



I fear 


And as the birds goes

silent and the clouds

went a dark bluish gray

with the sun gone

behind t...

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Fearfictionfictional piecelifelivingOne_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina GloverpoempoetryTina Gloverwordy queenwriting short poemswriting short poetrywriting short stories

Take Care

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{Take Care} 




Take care too, Friend.

There are times I want

to hide from the sun too,

so I at least know how

that part feels like.

Thing is,

there's so little sun

here anyway that even

walking about in the

fresh air seems like a

being under a rock

at times.

I never not wanted

to be your friend,

ma'am and I hope

we can put this


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fictional piecefriendshiplifelivingOne_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina GloverPoempoetryshort poemsshort poetryshort storiesTina Gloverwordy queenwriting out loud

Face To Face With Us

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{Face To Face With Us} 




My white and tan face fades, 

hiding inside of this grayish black smoke. 

I knew they'd use it against us, 

dammit; the tear gas is filling the blue skies around us and as the rub bullets flies past our heads. 

I'm grown I make my own decisions to fight this fight. 

I'm fresh like I just rolled out of bed.

Their clouded misguided assumpti...

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LifelivingOne_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina Gloverpoempoetry poetryprotestersshort poemsshort storiesSocietystoriesTina Gloverwordy queenworld around uswritingwriting out loud

I'm Out Of My Head

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{I'm Out Of My Head}


Rose's are red,

Violet's are blue,

I'm out of my 


head with thinking


of you 

and all I want to


do is to go to


sleep to dream


of you all


the same 



©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved/ One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer 2016 but posting here on April 14,2018 

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lifelivingOne_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina GloverPoempoetryTina Gloverwordy queenwrite out loudwriting short poemswriting short poetrywriting short stories

I See So Clearly

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{I See So Clearly}



Well I set here with

all this shame and

guilt of what I've

done but nothing

can never undo the

hurt I have caused




And lord knows

I hate myself for it 


And how I was

so wrong 


And I hope one day

that you will be able

to forgive me for

my hurt and damage

and tears and pain I have

done and ...

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fictional piecehurting poemshurting poetrylifelivingOne_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina GloverPoempoetrystorieswordy queenwriting out loudwriting short poemswriting short poetrywriting short stories

My Illusion's

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{My Illusion's} 


I am having back to

back illusion's of you 


And I'm wishing and

seeing you in the faring

clearing distance of the

hot burning desert

sands of our life

packed into an hour

glass bottle


And as the sands of

time starts to run out

for us I look a little

bit closer and I see

you slowly disappearing

once again from my sig...

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fictional characterfictional piecelifelivingOne_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina GloverPoempoetrystoriesTina Gloverwordy queenwriting out loudwriting short poemswriting short poetrywriting short stories

I Maybe Fragile

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{I Maybe Fragile}



I maybe fragile but I am

me I will battle back

with all I have inside 

of me until I no longer

can continue my battle 



And just because I

am fragile doesn't mean

that I will break if you

touch me 



And I may get a little

bit but more than likely

nothing will happen

so don't be alarmed

and afraid of me or


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learninglifelivingOne_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina GloverPoempoetrystoriesTina Gloverwordy queenwriting short poemswriting short poetrywriting short stories

Lady Pee

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Lady Pee

Born just like any other girl, life hardly started

when something happened.

It was the drug’s fault, some type of reaction stopped her

just after she started.

Try to imagine how she went through life

not being able to do what we all can do.

To talk to her computer.

By pure willpower and by logic she managed.

Gigs came along and brought new meaning,


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Cruel Refrain

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For again i fall
To his charming call

A trap it may be
Its shine captures me

My heart is eaten out
My feelings headed south
Yet my affection is still his
My torture is his bliss

In his web, i lay
There came a girl one day
Ignorant of the danger
Behind the charms that linger

I could not shout
I could not call out
A fate that echos mine
A victim, next in line

It is like a cruel ref...

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cruel refrainheartheartbreakpainfulpastpoemrefrainsad

I Used To Enjoy Knitting...

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‘I used to enjoy knitting…’


…enjoyed the sound of needles, click-

clacking as they struck against each

other plunging between stitches, metal

spearing and separating through soft wool.

Fingers swayed in a romantic dance above

the work to create a loop around its prey.


The whole hand grasps and manipulates,

taking the wool on a move back through,

glorying in the...

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Nailed Indeed

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Nailed Indeed

These things in my head

Oh how they torment me


Feel like I'm flying in a biplane

Made of rags and wood and wire

Trying to dodge weapons that will kill me


The Red China hypersonic glide bombs

Neo Soviet Satan 2 ICBMs

Solid state lasers

Exotic alloy rail guns


All this and more aims for me

To nail me and my small plane

If I dodge one th...

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The old woman says the system only works for certain people

She's right for the system really fricking sucks

In the worst possible damn way

Some people waltz right on in there

And get what they want with no worries

Like thieves in broad daylight

Not giving a hoot about being caught

While those on the list are stuck in limbo

Caught up in a system that doesn't work


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Why do I care for the dead more than the living?

Is it because the living are moody

Can double cross me

Always lie to me

Ruin my day in a thousand ways

Make unreasonable demands of me

Want all my time for their demands

And so much fricking more

I made the right choice

Prioritize the dead

And satirize the living

Who will all be dead in 100 years

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Before you...

This is the audio/video of my reading of the poem

"Before you..."  https://youtu.be/JSnBORlfTsk


Before you, I slept in

a bed without creases.


Only pulled up sheets

to straighten - smooth,


no effort at all!  Ready

for the next dreamtime.


Now, I love my wrinkles...



Frances Macaulay Forde © 2006



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poetry by numbers

numbers do not the soul touch
or rouse from depths of reverie
whose shallow sepulchral beauty
surface deep revelations aplenty
plead with matrimonial vows
parchment scribbles & ceremonies
do not a marriage make and
neither will ice cream make us
any colder after calories kick in
poetry’s soul may ride its form
but it transcends empirical parts
its triumph: Pinocchio shedding his strings


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Little of Your Love

Its okay if you don't want to fall again

Love was hurtful

So you said again

Maybe its true

I feel your pain

How will I know

When I always abstain

Make me experience love

My heart cries

Make me feel love

My soul dies

Alone I have been

Looking like a Wanderer

Reality have seen

Not like a Slumberer

Searching for the perfect heart

To lost in love with


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HeartLovePoemShort poems

He Tried To Destroy Her

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{He Tried To Destroy Her}



He tried to destroy her by his sneaky little secrets and little lies that he kept hidden deep down until that dark day she found out about all of his hidden dark secrets that's when her world came unglued 


because she gave her all to this man and then return only thing she ever got was just his lies and dishonesty and secrets and his cheating ways t...

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fictional characterfictional piecehurtlieslifelivingOne_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina GloverPoempoetrysadnessstoriesthinking out loudTina Gloverwordy queenwriting short poemswriting short poetrywriting short stories

Three Witches Brew

Watch out, over there!  No over there!

It's time to be alert, it's time to beware.

Time for Ghosts and Goblins and fear!

Look for witches who take to the air.

Time for monsters, spooks and storytelling.

Time to see who'll scare first, who'll be yelling.

It's Halloween time the best time of the year,

For ghost stories around a fire which crackles and sears.

Be leery of the p...

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You had to see it to believe it in the call centre

How you had to queue up twice in the lines

To hand in your bag and phone

Mard arse ******* security guards thinking they're God


Elevated to a lofty status beyond you and me

Who the **** do these twoddles think they are?

Donald Damn ******* Trump?

At least he's a really rich arsehole

The fake guards bello...

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I Run to Your Garden

I run through tall grasses

that outline your garden.

Allow passage through your gates.

Run over me with shear silk waters

so I can taste the bud of your flowers,

swaying in the warmth of the sun.

I climb to their top

so I can get closer to your moon

and set my soul free.

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Crush me with love

Crush me with love

Never lost but never found.

Push me down from above.

Overwhelm me.

Thrust passion upon me.

With sensuality, seduce me.

Enrapture me and trap me.

To your cadence, excite me.

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love poetrypoem

The Path of Life

Find time to stare.

Stare down all the paths that lead from here to there.

Take time to read the labels - be aware.

Distinguish the ones that are easy

from the ones that have no air.

Read the signs for every care.

Warning: hazardous conditions - BEWARE!

Maybe you should take that path over there.

Now imagine, throw seed to the air

Let the wind lay them where.


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Write me to Right me

Right me thus.

Write me this.

Write, to right a wrong.


Write me a poem.

Wrong the line of a song.

For I am forlorn (and want to be adorned).


Write it down.

Right me now.

Write me now.

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Paper Mache’

I glue on paper faces

Painted paper emotions

Youthful expressions

Air brushed lines

That time erases

I look at my faces

Paper crayon images

Counterfeit impressions

Hollowed traces of me

Through bits of torn canvas

Paper-cuts in deeper places

Finding it is no longer me I see

Dog-eared moments torn away

Pages of pulp fiction

Shreds of emotions

Confetti to...

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I am Fish

I am raw like fish

Kill my heart to feel your best

Have me on the table

Be my guest

This is your wish

This is your wish?

And I, so foolish

Being dinner

Being fish

Am raw now

From your lies

Attracting flies you tie

Trapped to the hooks on your lines

Tied to your string

This is your wish

This is your wish?

And it's OK to eat me

I don't have any feel...

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Shy Guy

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{Shy Guy}



He was a little bit of

a shy guy who seemed

to keep to himself

besides talking to a

few of his co-workers

where he worked at 



And as the neighbor

next door to him saw

him all the time he

reminded her of a

cute fuzzy bear that

played in stars wars

called ewok because

his cheeks was

roundish oval shaped

with a some hair ar...

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fearfictional characterfictional piecelifelivingloveOne_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina Gloverpoempoetryshort poemshortryTina Gloverwordy queenwriting short poemswriting short poetrywriting short stories

When You've Took Away All My Will Power

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{When You've Took Away All My Will Power}




When you've took away

all of my will power as a 

human being and as a

woman as well I have 

lost my dignity I feel 

ashamed of myself

constantly I feel like that

I have to hide my real

self and I have to hide

my face and my body

from everyone because

I might not meet their

standards and that you


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deep poemsdeep poetryfictional characterfictional pieceheart felt poemsheart felt poetryheart felt storieshurting heartslifelivingOne_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina Gloverpainpoempoetrysad poemssad poetrystoriesTina Gloverwordy queenwriting short poemswriting short poetrywriting short stories

Ethereally Here/There

If I am to be There

I must have a reason to be here

If there is a There to be.


If I didn’t need to be here

So I could be There

There I would already breath.




If there is a There

And There I am meant to be

My focus there should be - eternally




My focus is here

With no time for thought of There

Where all the focus is monetary

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Fairy Tail Feathers

The man in the corner

The girl in the wall

The man on the moon

The girl who ran to far


Dogs and swans and honeymoons

Homes of wax

Mouths made from silver spoons

Lines drawn on folded maps


The time cantilever

The weight from the dying

The stone wall of forever

The furrows made from the lying


Fairy tales with Insects

Books filled with worms


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free writingPoem

Opened that door

entry picture

"Opened that door"

One night, i was cruising in my porsche, with my music blaring, When i noticed this fine girl stood staring.

She was so beautiful, real sexy too,
She approached my ride, right on cue. She knocked on my window and asked for a ride, I smiled at her and happily replied,

Girl you're the one i dream about,
You're the one i cant do without,
I never met anyone like you before,
My li...

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Cry on Moana we could use the rain

She's so tired

Saddened and uninspired

Looking through her shoe-box of memories

Trying to find out what happened to her desires



Cry on...Cry on

Cry on


we could use the rain

Cry on...Cry on

Cry on


who knew a shoe box of memories could carry so much pain


A new Morning will dawn

Love will come to find you

Love will come walking u...

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An Offering (Proposal) to My Teacher

Becoming bitter,

I learned to suppress my hunger.

You stimulated my pallet with your sweetness

and I hungered.


Walking without purpose

I stumbled over myself.

You took hold of my hand

and I was steadied.


When attacked by the cold

I would defend my residence.

You showed me to open,

embrace the cold and warm it.


When lost and confused,

I rushed a...

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Staring at the Concept of a Word

If,  I were standing in the snow

Would I know it, if it was pure?

As it could.  As I should.


If, I was alone on the shore

Would I know it, if it was fine?

As it could.  As I should.


If I swam in the Sea

Would I know it, if it was deep?

As it could.  As I should.


If, I was lost in the woods

Would I know it, if it was dense?

As it could.  As I should.


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The Darkness From Within A Gothic Soul

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{The Darkness From Within A Gothic Soul} 


The darkness within us

is feeding us constant

painful death cries that

sometimes sound's so bitter 

sweet to our ears as they slowly

bleed red-white-blue while

being covered in blackish

gothic tattoos 



But as the silent lies makes

us want to continue to cry out

in that gothic tattooed pain as we

merely t...

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dark poemdark poetryfictionfictional characterfictional piecelifelivingOne_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina GloverPoempoetrystoriesthinking out loudTina Gloverwordy queenwriting dark poemswriting dark poetrywriting short poemswriting short poetrywriting short stories

Woulda - Shoulda - Coulda

I know

I woulda - shoulda - coulda - done better

Could of been a better man to you

Oh baby, for this I am sorry - sad but true

But you know as I know - as everyone else knows

You - shoulda - coulda done better by me too

And if you woulda - I just might have been a better man for you



We both shoulda known better

And yes

We both woulda - shoulda - coulda done be...

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Love lostPoem

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