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I've been accused of
Not having wander lust
But only if they knew
How often I wander
Looking into your eyes
Sometimes losing my way
Getting lost
Into the depths of them
For hours together
Time is irrelevant
To the frustrated artist in me
As I keep trying to trace out
Your eyes
With mine
Without getting lost in them

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Once again

Where was the fire that burned with in,

Water and earth would bring it to an end. 

Giving thanks for all she had,

The mystery of life were never bad.

Flying high like the eagle and hawk, 

She was wise never to get caught. 

Swimming thur the stars of change,

Everything could be the same. 

Better find the truth within, 

Tomorrow will be just like him.....



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'Fore he die

From those days of catching fireflies,

To the days of seeing how night lies.

Being the one around the center of seven,

Who knew he might be overlooken.


Soon the days turned into a mere trickle,

As the nights lasting for hours made him feeble.


As the stars passed by felt so much without any lace,

Thus the creation of a treasure chest took place.

Not really the trea...

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Forever and always

Lost in your blue eyes like I'm floating in the sea

I still get shivers when you look at me 

No matter how far we have come 

From girlfriend to an incredible mum

You still own my heart, my soul and mind

When I'm with you I fully unwind

You make me the best person I can be

We can take on anything with you beside me

Hand in hand, check to check 

I still look at you and for...

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Just Another Day in the Coffee Shop


it’s not always that you catch the eye 

but there are times

where you simply can’t deny 

the connection that the 'eye' implies

remember the eye. it never lies 

it happens to be a sunny day

a young man seats solo at a cafe 

with a coffee in hand

in and out he breathes air 

he is observant per usual 

allowing it all to simply pass 

a beautiful women he spies 


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latest tears not necessary

descending like ripe apples

hapless hints of discontent

the dew sunlight dapples


I remember when we met

calf with a hint of muscle

smile like morphine drops

amid a mad festive bustle


not a gratuitous weeping

eyes dry as desert dunes

she swayed like Salome

irrespective of the tunes


veils swathe damp eyes

dismantled all...

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Chains In Your Eyes

women always a problem

never knew my own mind

happy to get what I could

you the best I could find


chains rattle in your eyes

I'm drowning in your malice

fate led me to your clutches

drink this poisoned chalice


you left me black and blue

sub-human and perplexed

wondering where you were

what punch coming next


little self-esteem to begin

you turne...

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Effect Divine

Where have the words gone?

Emptied vocabulary I wonder!

I can’t frame a single praise…

Biscuits she offered me politely

I had only peanuts to exchange.

I looked a savage in my own eyes

And she, a harbinger of change.


No thoughts about her for days together

Although she is cynosure of my eyes,

My stillness added to the inner solitude

Yet couldn’t create the effect...

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No Tomorrow In Your Eyes

You need hope to see a future

Without that there's only despair

That's the lesson you taught me

When you told me you didn't care


There was no tomorrow in your eyes

Only dead ashes from yesterday

There was no tomorrow in your eyes

My future's upped and flown away


Our journey's come to to dead end

I'm backed up against a concrete wall

Even now I'm hoping again...

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tomorroweyeshopedespairashescrystal ball


It seems only yesterday we were fine

How I yearned for the feel of your mouth

Your every touch would set me on fire

Whether north west east or south


The sight of smoke on the horizon

Haunts me now when I look back

For it was over yonder hill we flourished

Before my thoughts turned so black


That  dark column taunts my tortured eyes

Acrid embers still fly off in ...

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Sins Of The Fathers

In those eyes, tears do brim

All a-quiver are your lips

I've done wrong again

The latest of many slips


I rack my brains for reasons

Did I omit my morning kiss?

Or fail to hail your daily bloom?

What critical need did I miss?


As the baby's due next month

I'm watching my p's and q's

Skating on thin eggshells

Pandering to your mute clues


Then it dawn...

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The world through a net curtain

Since the blood vessel burst in my eye

A Jackson Pollock of dark splatter

Swirling and whirling like oil on water

Swooping and looping like dragons

Drifting in ancient skies


One good eye doing the work of two

And suddenly you are vulnerable

Knowing that losing that one too

Would be blindness waiting to happen

So you ...

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Floaters in the eye

Floaters - Poem by Marie

I have big dark floaters in my eyes interfering with my vision 
the optician said its old age, from which there's no remission 
I remember when I was twenty I could see for miles ahead 
Now these eyes are not like mine, imposter's in my head 

I sat there and I got through the eye tests only to be told 
You need to wear bifocals. I picked some trendy glasses 

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only poetry

only poetry

can explain my 

coarsened hands made so unsteady

muffled heart beat - louder, heavy

trusting eyes fallen too quickly 

flaring skin

an impish grin


only poetry

and you

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poetryeyessmilefreeverseshort poemimagery

Mid January


No one else can judge me

Only God who reads hearts

People have abused me

When I reach fake of the facts


If you believe you're the master

And you can judge and lead

Surely you lose the only factor

That keeps you faithful indeed


Leave me alone fair and simple

I have to forget tens of lies

You should break your false temple

Wake up please .. open your e...

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The windows to soul lightening up.. 
The swim of laughter and the mischievous wink
The shine of innocence striking up
Stealing hearts with a single blink.. 

The connect is simply an unfathomable one
The cross-eyed look when she peers into the soul
Watching that funny face of my little one.. 
Parts of me are purloined, enchanting them into whole... 

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You're Welcome


You're Welcome


Lovely smiles at early morning, 
Poetic voice says: “Hello” 
Shiny eyes yearning look.
 Asking happily “How are you?” 


When did we met and where! 
Few years ago, may be more 
It was crowded party there 
When she shines out of the door 


We had a table, but no talk 
Merrily smile, she looks shy 
Asked timidly can we walk? 
I shook hands, then walk...

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Sad Eyes

Are you sure you want to know 
the story behind my sad eyes? 

Can you handle truth 
buried in lies?  

Abused, abandoned, 
left for dead. 

Still, I raise my 
weary head.

Hoping against all odds 
for love and a warm bed.

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Beauty Song


Don't wear contact lenses 
Your eyes are my Ocean
Let me feel your lovely senses 
And see you my Queen. 

Don't use makeup material
Just be same as you are
Rosy cheeks are really natural 
looks for me as star.

Don't cut your shiny hair 
I love it to become so long 
Set free your hair to air 
And let me enjoy the song.

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Let him

It was a show

God was calling me

And I didnt know

Already Believing in faith

But wanted to walk it with somebody

But God placed everybody

To be a busy body

Leaving me to be with him

Showing me this was a spirtiual show

I had no idea

Just let him do

Open your eyes

And he will show you through

You will see the positive side of it

Seeing why he deverted every...

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Fuck me eyes.

A look clear into a pretty girls eyes

clear hard water forced down your optic nerve

the abyss of beauty deep and cold looks back.

Like that mirror stare when an odd flicker calls you back for more.

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The moon

Quietly sneaky
you came
in my heart
Yet you left
me alone
unset and alone
You were the moon
Now i ask delicate
why when i hear your
name i can't forget
the words on you mouth
those blue eyes staring
inro mine unashamed
I found new hope
buti can't shake you away
when i hear you name
and your sparky attitude

but i will keep on 
romoving your spell
on m...

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Open Your Eyes

I had been feeling sad and lonely. I decided to go back into the past and visit my childhood home. When I arrived, my sister, mother, and brother were sitting at the kitchen table having a meal. I walked in and said, “Hello.” They welcomed me warmly and asked, “How have you been?”

In a short while my Father joined us and demanded to know, “Why are you here?” I was taken aback and said, “I’m lon...

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Stormy Blue Eyes











His stormy blue eyes
Mesmerized many women
But they sparked for her

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Blue moon

Eyes open as it must be reality 

The mind settles as the sun sets 

Allowing creative thoughts to surface

Glowing blue

In the sky I see you

Blue moon

You Appear with no sadness 

Beauty in the sky 

black out curtains

surrounding the moon

Fluoresces light 

Still pressing through

allowing me to dream

On this beautiful night

Big and blue



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Have You Ever..?

 Have you ever felt the joy of looking at the clear sky?
Lying down on the ground flat 
Trying to measure its limitlessness

Have your ever felt the joy of looking at the drops of rain?
Falling down, making a puddle
Seeing a spectrum of colors form over the surface

Have you ever felt the joy of looking at the uncountable stars at night?
Capturing the exact moment when
You can see them t...

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The Mirror

This rumination came from growing awareness of my mortality which, in turn, is generated and measured by the expanding list of things once given or assumed that, alas, are no longer possible.


The Mirror

How shall I talk to you, my friend?

How should I regard you

(and will I care)

as you grow ever older before my gaze

while I stay young?


Who are you? Dare I look on yo...

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Passions of the Soul

Passions of the Soul

Like a lighthouse set on rocky shores

we gaze at the world within our sight

with scant regard for any cause;

indifferent as the mosquito's flight,

and chatter gaily over tea or beer

on friendship, crime, or the next career.


But I am ego: I stand alone,

a moral agent in time and tide.

With resolution I keep my own

counsel; hermit-like, my thou...

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by : Mirza Sharafat Hussain

Tere  janey  ke  baad  hawayein  beyqaraar
Khushk   aabshar  ,   fizayein   sogwaar

To suno meri udaas aankhon  ka  raaz
Kisi  ki  yadun  me  meri  aahein  girftaar

Ye  itna  parayapan  achanak  na  guzrey
Tere  paas  aate  hi  bahein  sharamsaar

Rotey  kuch  mei  ne  bhi  mangha  hai  rab  se
Pyase   labu   se  meri  duayein  ashkbaar

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a wild horse 
which is free
free to go 
to go everywhere
to run away
or to stay
in the eyes 
your eyes
crossed mine
you are my rider
the person whom my heart
chose to not live without
I admire
you make it tame
my heart is not as wild as it was
I feel each step
the mud
the grass
the sand
the snow
through my hooves
the hard hooves
which were infrangible
I thought 

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Instead of your eyes, I see only warmth,

I feel only heat from the heart that you hold.

Inside those great pools of a deep, liquid hearth,

My own eyes seek shelter from the cruel in the world.


Instead of your lips, I see only my future,

All the stories ready to spill from your mouth, they unravel.

There it holds the embers of a pink, raging fire,

There it holds me, hypnot...

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Back in 1995 I seem to have been a whole lot angrier than I am today! And more lost. But there's certainly some energy here.



Lost when your eyes are too wide,

lost when the sky

shouts high notes

when it should be whispering;


lost when the fires die.


Lost when complete strangers

give you the finger and grin,

or when the beer and the noise stop

and y...

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I should have known you'd be the death of me.
Those eyes never quite starring me down but only judging me worse.
I thought I knew trust. What is trust?
Something or someone of within faith to rely on.
What is relying? Sounds more like lying over and over again.
You never actually wanted to be a friend.
You just wanted a better image.
Who dare tarnish your preusous beauty.

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Eyesno hopeweird

Just a Man

Just like any man, 
Going through heartbreak.
Just like any man,
Feeling the weight of his mistakes.
Nothing other than a man, 
Who has fallen in love.
Nothing other than a man,
Whose heart cannot be absolved. 
I am a man alone in my bed,
Thinking of you with a sigh.
I am a man alone in my bed,
Crying over the color of your eyes.  

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you had knocked on my door that evening
with nature wrapped in plastic
you in your gorgeous suit
with your gorgeous eyes
but not the eyes that were mine

you spoke the words that your heart could only shout
and the pour of admiration coming out of your gorgeous eyes
was too much for me to take

(in my mirror I saw a stick 
an odd shape, not one hint of sun;
in your mirror you saw heave...

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blissfully shut

Never sure what to expect.

Never quite aware.

It has been eons and we are still here,

Like nothing ever happened.

With eyes blissfully shut,

We lie


And the ritual keeps on.

The soul shines on within,


The flesh is wearing thin.

It's crumbling.


Where there is no love,

There mustn't be life.

But then,

What is this weird dream I am in?



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Gaze into the mirror

at the face behind the mask

and wonder if it's really you,

or don’t you dare to ask?


Who can know what lies beyond

the mirrors fragile face,

reflections of another life;

another time or place?


Touch the chill upon the glass

and see a tiny ripple,

was it real or in your mind,

did it really feel so supple?


Gaze into empty eyes


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What sad weary eyes we have

that see, in all the world,

such poverty and pointless pain.

Would not the sunlight bathe upon it

if we simply look again?


For the eye of the beholder

may choose the depth of tint

we see, through a rose coloured lens.

A hint of fanciful forms,

as they filter the rays they sense.


From beneath the haze

of the shimmering sun,


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My glasses

My glasses are part of me

They are simple and not flashy

I shall wear them with pride

They are fashionable and worldwide


Many colours and styles to choose

It is always nice to hear honest views

I don’t need them on when I am in bed

They come off as not glued to my head


I always feel lost without my glasses

Missing all those admiring glances

I like being able...

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Promise Me

When my hands begin to tremble

You’ll place your hand in mine

When my eyes become hollow

That you’ll gaze into them

When I’m at a loss for words

You’ll kiss me so the silence

Can speak for the both of us.

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Silent Truth

Silent truth


And a thousand eyes smile for those who know what love is.

Such a smile could never be traced over lips.

For lips they show emotion as gates to guarded words.

As barriers to the unspoken breath.


But the eyes, the eyes, the eyes, the eyes.

Are not indulged such a protection.

Shining silently like stars.

A light adorns their gentleness.



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(‘Ask me why and I’ll spit in your eye’ - The Smiths)

Pinch the rogue flesh slipping from my jeans,
Dig each thumb and forefinger into my hand,
Scratch me with that caress and turn when I blush,
Let the fire wash over my face whilst pretending not to realise.

Leave me be even though our legs are intertwined,
Please leave me be even though our mouths talk and share,
Leave me be even thou...

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Eyes in the Darkness







Through the window

a star less night,

only gloom and stillness.


A shadow

moves in

the hollow.


Across the clearing

a pair of red

flaming eyes!


They seem to

float through the

air.  The

fear, the horror!


I close my

eyes afraid to

look.  Afraid of

what I might see!



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Beholder's Eyes

Take a look into my eyes,
And maybe we will find
that between you and me
It's the way that love should be.

She told me I had beautiful eyes
her heart said friends
and her mouth did too...
and my mind's confused now I'm not with you.

See I can be the best friend that I have been for years
or I can be the guy that can hold you near.
But I can't be this.

You s...

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Eyes are blue

Eyes are green

Eyes are true

Eyes are mean


Eyes are bright

Give the light

Eyes are black

Like the night


Eyes are cold

Eyes are warm

Eyes are angry

Like a storm


Eyes are kind

Eyes are blind

Eyes are evil

Eyes of devil


Eyes are hungry

Eyes of walls

Eyes are empty

Eyes of dolls


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