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My first-born

Preamble: for this week's Rhymers theme "first", here is my first attempt at a villanelle.


My son, it fell to you to be born first

You turned a couple into Mum and Dad

You sometimes had the best, sometimes the worst


You changed our lives when into them you burst,

And for that day I ever shall be glad,

My son, it fell to you to be born first.


Our parenting was w...

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Our First Time

entry picture


We were up on the hills

She had gone very quiet

I instinctively knew that the time was right

I kissed her with passion as a lover might


I took off my shirt

Her nostrils flared

I ran my fingers through her golden hair

We gently made love in the open air


The encounter was brief

with minimal foreplay

I spoke to her softly; she had little to say

She blea...

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FirstSaturday Rhymers Club


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Our story has been told.

Your heart is a black hole,

                    It’s ice cold,

                      It’s so old,

  Please, break the mould.

I loved you then but now,

Now no way,

Never again,

You were the first love,

Now I really need a second.

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Dear Mr Dettol. Fact.

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Well. Here goes. The first blog post. "Can you hear me at the back?" Now's probably the moment where I'm supposed to say something profound and memorable to initiate what I'm sure will be a wonderful relationship between me and the Worldwide Web. But sadly, I left my profound and memorable hat on the topmost shelf in my bedroom which unfortunately I cannot reach. Such a shame. It has feathers o...

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