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disordered personality (i'm always acting)

what to do

if your actions

stem from external



what to do 

when they aren't watching


how do full-time actors switch on and off like that?


how do they resign?

they don't. 

either they quit and get spat on,

or shoot up their veins and go off the rails.


i have some thinking to do...




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Masks We Wear

Do we wear a mask or a facade?

Do we disguise who we really are?

Do we laugh or joke or wear a smile?

Though inside we suffer all that while?


Should we say that we are always fine?

Or tell what is really on our mind?

Are we afraid of being judged?

Or that we shall be misunderstood?


Should we keep our troubles to ourselves?

And have no one around to offer help?


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FacadesMasksPersonalityStuart Vanner


Our personalities do keep us sane,

And from day to day should be the same

-The same way to think and behave,

Whether you be a king or a slave.


When we go to sleep and after wake,

We should be the same between that break.

To have the same attitude and qualities,

Our role in this world and how to perceive.


The same things that we love and hate.

Each day leading t...

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PersonalityPsychologyStuart VannerThe BrainThe Mind


entry picture

If you learn from the past 
Improving your future 
Then you'll achieve the goal 
And reach it safely faster 

Pay an attention to move 
Know the direction to go 
Have time to Improve 
Act well, not only "show" 

Earn your people' regard 
And don't cross the fence 
Know the value of the word 
Now you've got confidence 

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Fortune favours the brave

My life is beautiful my life is fruitful,

Shout from the highest steeple,

All you peacful people,


Milk love just like a cow,

Fortune favours the brave,

So don't be anyones slave,

Live your own life and don't copy no one,

And do your own thing till all the pain has gone,

Don't be superficial or act like a sheep,

Then you will find yo...

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Fantasy Prone Personality.

This bed it is a bridge
Of what is real and fantasy
I despise reality 
I'd rather keep dreaming
Where I am free
To be alive
Where I will thrive 
And my heart can be
Free from knives 
I will not cry 
I can not feel 
I stay in bed to escape what is real

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Invading my personality

Where have all the boundaries gone?
I cannot differentiate between my life 
And that of others.
Permanently entwined
Virtual, programmed and real.
Which one is me?

Keeping me apart from the rest
Has become an impossible task.
We melt into each others' worlds
And can no longer emerge
With our personality intact.
Dragged into a virtual world
Our lives sucked dry
Until we homogenise.

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Shouty Face

I think that you are quite unique,

From ear to ear, then down to feet

Sat atop your mind you speak,

Sometimes funny, sometimes sweet


Lots of people seem the same,

They live their lives and play their games

Now and then they use their brains

But not too often, ain't that insane?


You are you and that's what matters

So ignore, the chitter chatter

Small minded t...

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convictionIndividualindividualityinspirationinspirationalmotivationpersonalityself beliefself worthstrengthstrong mindedthick skinuniquewillfulness


He scratched his temple
And peeled off his eyes
Reveaing his sockets,
Dark, unfathomable.
I held my breath
I was scared to death
"Please put them back", said I.
They were fake."

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For Maggie - NaPoWriMo Day 6

Before you start reading this piece, I'd like to take your attention for one moment to remember Maggie Turner, the woman whom this piece is about. She was a firecracker of a woman and one of the most inspiring, intelligent, opinionated, caring, compassionate people I've ever known. She said what she thought and wore her heart on her sleeve. Not enough people in this world do that, and I love he...

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