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A Bracelet Of Daisies

A Bracelet Of Daisies


She made me a daisy bracelet

And twisted the stems round my wrist

We swore we would never forget

the sun slowly set as we kissed

And for a short while that was true

love blossomed like that daisy chain

but those white petals never grew

the green shoots were twisted in pain


It hurts when you’re given a heart

that unnourished withers and ...

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The choice 

Translation of my Arabic Poem (“The Choice”) 

Who, in the World, chooses his birth? 
Who chooses his family and children? 
Who chooses his fate and country? 
Who chooses the time to go to heaven? 

But it is possible to choose our day 
To sincerely care about family and work 
This will be the first right step to our future 
To achieve our goals while we're alive 

Your name and countr...

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No Voice

Without a voice
I am left here in this world
to forever be silent.
Because as I try to speak,
my voice vanishes so quickly,
so that I'm left here unspoken
with no one to hear what I have to say.
And for someone to apprehend
my words I speak, with my unheard voice,
would be such a miracle I can't explain.

But even though I have no physical voice
I have a language of my own I write.
A gi...

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