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I hear you in my statements and see you in my face, Constantly I search for this place that doesn't exist, Where I was of worth to you, Instead I am an obstacle in your path, You have chosen to discard me all in the name of love, Or so it would appear, but it is clear it is only your fear that has left me here, In a disarray feeling betrayed, because of you I never measure up, You taught me ...

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I could say it's all my fault But that would be too easy To assume you never carried one shred of doubt or shame for the way things became Like I wasn't just merely matching your footsteps on this treacherous path balancing love, connections and friendship, You couldn't bear the weight yet neither could I, Though it feels like the anguish has been placed solely on my shoulders As you crep...

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Now She Knows

This desire we've searched to reach, The feeling of euphoria isn't matched by another Even these words don't seem worthy of its worth With you in my earth, everything seems plausible, Like the globe is finally in my hand instead of resting upon my shoulders, Each day gets better with no intention of letting her go My calling to construct this picture unpainted like before, Just so she can ...

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Dream: Aren't we all just searching, For that one look, love, touch, a brush with lust, That we only hope lasts, soon enough it's the past, And I'm wondering how I got past, This far, looking so hard trying to find you but you're never there, Not even sure what you look like I've never seen you, I just dream of you, that look, that touch, that one brush with lust That won't last

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Where do we go from here, I feel the uncertainty in the air, Or is it just me, it's always just me, Convincing myself of finalized emotions that haven't even begun, I don't know how to be what you need, when in reality all you may need is this me, The problem is mine to create and solve, and never remain satisfied with the solution, Strive to create this well articulated illusion, to s...

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Book Cover

I put this open book in your hands, Yet you don't return the favor, Not even a prologue, Having me run laps before the start of the race, Expecting me to retire, instead I never tire, Plotting on scaling the walls you've built, Wondering if once I am inside, I'll dream of my escape, Wanting to go against the goals I've set to try and set these relationships straight, Who are you fee...

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Trying to change the path from the past, Cast aside the doubt and anguish, Arise to a new day where everything is possible in anyway, Trying to grow from this baron soilless land, Attempting to take the world of my shoulders and put it in my hand, Feeling weight withstanding, The pressure is demanding of me while my gas tank runs on E, Looking so hard I fail to see, That everything...

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I look for you everywhere, For new sparks to old flames, Same old games, Somehow you elude me like a ghost, But I can feel you in the air, Leads me to stare like somehow you'll appear, Instead I'm stoned, sitting alone, far from home, Trying to make it, Feeling like I can no longer take it, Wondering if I missed my chance in the past with something that didn't last, On this path w...

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Gotta learn to let her go, Knowing it's more work than its worth, Yet I keep crawling back, Telling myself that I shouldn't send the words I am eager to type, Hard to admit, you threw it all away for someone that doesn't covet your dedication, I see the facts clearly and still can't turn my back, I find myself anxious to get things back to where they can no longer go, Desperation has ...

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This old love seems new, I'd be lying if I said I knew, That it would all be different, From what separated us so long ago, So I go blind with all the sight in the world, Yet one more insight into her world and I am booked, Booking her for all the time I don't have, Falling Oh so quick, all I can do is wish, She sees me like I do her, Soulmate traveled a stray leaving lives in a f...

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Intelligent Fool

Is it a fool who waits for which he knows will never come, Searching for a pinhole of light in the darkness that has become, Turning off lamps dumbfounded by what he has done, Is my fate the same as this man I see in plain view, Though I try to evade, Everytime I look into the mirror, He stares back at me too.

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Where is my mind, At times I feel I scratch and claw just to find, I'm behind in the race eluded to the right pace, Same case different place, as my sorrows follow, Escape no longer option not sure if it ever was, Just a young man tryna to do what I must Yet I titter on the cusp, feeling like it's all a bust, How can trust what I know when everyone else seems to go.... Astray. Been t...

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HelplostPainemotionsletting go


Chaining smoking til my lungs are done, Chest pain come not sure if I can make it Trying to take this path to the dream I envisioned, Can't make the right decision I bailed now my life is in shambles I'm out here in socal dreaming of the bay, Looking for a way to construct these abstract thoughts, Onto the pad wanting it bad but finding it hard to make the ink spill, Attempting to leav...

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Do I still have it, I know I do, Just gotta find the right release, Or is it the right beat, I keep making excuses to questions no one asks, but me, Feeling like I need to set myself free, I believe I can get myself there, Yet where do I start, Smoking weed and drinking ain't helped shit, Almost makes it harder, All I write is poems no rhymes yet, So much ambition lost down the ...

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