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Watch Who & What In Your Life You Allow.

[ ] See the red flags and watch who & what in your life you allow.

[ ] A smile can be a frown upside down.

[ ] The energy vampires brings what appears as holy water only to watch you drown.

[ ] They see your King/Queen royalty & they want your crown.

[ ] You may not see them peeping, lurking, spying, but they're around.

[ ] They're studying you lowkey up & down, hair follicles to every inch & pound.

[ ] They want your life force even if it takes you 6 feet underground.

[ ] They take your persona, ideas, and present them to a bunch of crowds.

[ ] Then the fake friend the snake smear your name to undermine you & bring you down. 

[ ] The foolish follow & give you the tribulations without the trial.

[ ] Just believe in yourself & trust your intuition & keep your distance from these parasitic clowns.

[ ] Sometimes it takes traveling miles.

[ ] Watch who & what you allow in your life & know thyself, be you, & be proud.


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Mark McCray

Mon 23rd Nov 2020 18:22

Thanks, Philipos!


Mon 23rd Nov 2020 12:18

Well worded piece to print out and hang up on the wall.



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