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April First

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No more fools again on April 
It was last lies to believe 
Complicated!!, Why not simple? 
Take it easy, or should leave 


If someone forces to trust 
That one puts others in doubting 
When the truth appear very fast 
That one is afraid or hiding 


We should only pray to God 
God will keep hearts more faithful 
When the purity clean the blood 
Surely life will be more u...

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If you learn from the past 
Improving your future 
Then you'll achieve the goal 
And reach it safely faster 

Pay an attention to move 
Know the direction to go 
Have time to Improve 
Act well, not only "show" 

Earn your people' regard 
And don't cross the fence 
Know the value of the word 
Now you've got confidence 

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I woke up this morning a bit confused

ready to go to the kitchen and swallow my pills

They help my mind get straight

if I don't take them by eight

it's too late


I look at the clock OH NO I over slept


My thoughts start to gather and circle my room

I try to grab one but it escapes me

Words start to play bumper cars in my head

soon it feels like lead

my mar...

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