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The choice 

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Translation of my Arabic Poem (“The Choice”) 

Who, in the World, chooses his birth? 
Who chooses his family and children? 
Who chooses his fate and country? 
Who chooses the time to go to heaven? 

But it is possible to choose our day 
To sincerely care about family and work 
This will be the first right step to our future 
To achieve our goals while we're alive 

Your name and countr...

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A Love Experience

How patiently, how perfectly
with such finesse, you plan our passion
in such exacting detail
you’ve prepared our romance 
five years in advance

Spreadsheet every kiss
added lingering looks to your to-do list
flow-charted clothes torn off
a map showing where to lose ourselves
in the moment

O, but it’s still love 
or a version of it…
O, it’s still love 
or your version of it…


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