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The Cathedral

Father told me, when i was young, that his mother told him ‘if you can fit pinky to thumb around your wrist you are too thin’. When I managed to grasp my arm half way up, pinky to my thumb, I saw success. It’s hard to see sadness when you are sick. Mother taught me forgiveness was not earnt, but expected. So, when you lied to me I knew what I was to do next.


         The cathedral was o...

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Red Heifers


Their squalid death to purify,

on Olives Mount a bridge to God.

Then cedar wood and herbs burnt dry

to raise a Kingdom not forgot.


And in that ritualistic spell

the Kohen taints his cleansing soul,

that he is now unbound for hell

unless the cycle onward roll.


For future joy why all this death

where toil and dark abound?

Why not the warmth of living brea...

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Dim lit, damp and distant corner

torn from dream of vapor’s fold.

Slow descent to worlds divided,

nothing hot and nothing cold.


Long ago this soul forgotten,

cast off in the ides of youth.

Un-forgiven deeds left hiding

beneath the stone of burden’s proof


Wait to see if fate redeems her.

Wait to hear if time repeals.

Sentence passed down just to mar her.


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