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Cast away

Love is love they say as their loveless mouths spit each syllable like a foulness upon their tastebuds. All the while spouting poisonous scriptures on why your kind of love is not adhered to, not seen, not recognised.


And if it is not recognised, but you still dare to live outside their boundaries, you are cast away.


Family is everything, they speak as though that ought to be enoug...

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He who sees it all

He is the one who sees it all.


The men who are just trying to feed their families,

among the ranks of the invaders.

The foxes who scour among the liberators.

He who raises up great thinkers,

and topples empires underfoot.


He sees the honest, among the arrogant.

He sees the isolated, among the popular.

He sees the righteous, among the rowdy.

He sees the merciful...

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Religionsocial commentary


The fastest way to writers block?

The attempt to be poetic.

Beauty isn’t made,

it’s stumbled upon.


The strange and unexpected.

The old and mundane,


and given new life.


The twigs grow new flower buds.

The grass springs up in a slightly new pattern.

Acquaintances become friends,

close friendships turn to new family.

A cycle of new life,


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Can I tell you something crazy?

I believe in spirit.

No, not the Hollywood kind,

something far more sinister and subtle.


It can take many forms,

Spirit of deceit

Spirit of vengeance

Spirit of Lust

Spirit of apathy


You can summon them

You do not rule them

The only thing they can do is lie,

and maybe put on a nice light show.


But there is another...

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Hands-on, Hands-off

I’m so hungry

I’m so tired


I stay awake and starve myself,

punishment for days of being a glutton.

I choose sleep for dinner,

a kitchen full of food in the next room,

because I have no idea what to do.


I come here everyday.

I get the same thing every time.

I write a new poem,

about the same old depression

I cling to

for reasons I’m not sure of.



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Heed my warning,

those who are young.

Who still have their youthful vigor.

You who have lived in a world of deceit,

who’s contraptions held your attention,

and captivated your imaginations.

Who have lived lives,

balanced on the edge between good and evil.

Who fear no God.


For they will be given a sign they cannot deny.

Their reaction will determine their fate.


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Religionsocial commentary

What scripture is for me

Some say, it’s the Law. Made to rule over your life.

Some say, it’s a devotional. Flip open to a random page and find the perfect phrase

to help fight off your Tuesday.


Come, let me introduce you to a story.

The story of our world.

The scandalous claim of creation.

The paradox, of God’s faithfulness.


Come, and listen to the tale,

Of how God shattered every expecta...

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