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Nobody knows everything

But we should know what we do

Books are there for reading

And courses there to go


Don't say:"I know enough"

Your brain, sure, will freeze

Don't let someone to laugh

If you meet someone who knows


That the rule of good knowledge

Learn what you really need

The knowledge has a good bridge

To cross it, you must read

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Either to swear, or not
The lies are a bad spot 
Thanks, but thanks a lot 
For your unfaithful effort 

Isabella, remember, again 
That love has fall in a drain 
Not only nothing to gain 
But also broke the brain 

You believe all what you say 
As a role of a daily play 
Surely, will see some day 
How much of love you deny 

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What My Heart Consists Of:

If you asked

what my heart



I would say;

half is pain.

Other half?



If you said

love was dead,



Clear your head,

break the shell.

Reveal your



It's called pain,

caused by words.



Cant blame it,

bred to kill.

Grimmest of



Sad but true,

both the halves


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What Remains

This is how it starts.
The thinnest wisp of smoke in the stomach,
The tinniest jolt in time.
The heart, as yet, remains unmarked.

But a flame with strength beyond control has sparked
And lends weight to the smoke that rises to choke
the lungs and throat and whatever remains
Of beauty, or brains.

The heart, as yet, remains unmarked.

I stood there in that fire, burning with sin,
In a...

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What Tempo Portents


I've a yearning,
a burning need inside,
it knows nothing of limits,
and has no need of pride,
but drives me on with a tempo,
such a tempo, that will never be denied.
Can you reach and help me,
take a grip on this beat within,
it knows nothing of limits,
and cannot conceive of sin,
but drives me on with its tempo,
such a tempo, and so livel...

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