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I can see you at my services sitting there full of false regret
You forced out tears at my ulogy and even took a picture of me home to hang in your room as if you actually cared  
If everyone there knew you helped me tie this slipknot to wrap around my throat the entire room would be staring at you rather than my pinewood coffin
But your pretty little face will get away with murder because I ke...

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Chapter 13: Ghost

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I am the tears raining down from your eyes

I am the throbbing pain in your chest

I am something that you can’t see

But something that you can feel


I used to be the person of your dreams

Now I’m just a demon of your nightmares

Is this what I have become?

Just a monster hiding under your bed


I’m standing between the beginning and the end

I’m trapped between time ...

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Chapter 5: Ghost

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I stop by  your house today

And decide to hide under your bed

Keeping quiet and low

So you won’t know that I’m here


I made these visits a routine now

Because I just can’t let you go yet

Despite my best judgement

I can’t stop being in love with you


I can be something special

Something special in your room

Something that you can notice

Something that you ca...

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Chapter 1: Ghost

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Now, I never been the type to like grand gestures

Foolish attempts to grasp your undivided attention

However, I promise you when this is all over

I’ll have your attention for all eternity


I have done a terrible, terrible thing, my love

A thing that will leave you completely breathless

That will leave your heart a tragic mess

But I promise you, this is for the best



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My Ghostly brother..???

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Robert you have
you have so secretly
become the ghostly brother of mine
that i did not know i had.

In the picture i have
that mother gave to me
you lie in the bottom left corner
on a wooden bench
barely being able to consider
that a be lovable soul was once even there
by its faded colors it express

And sometimes when I try to recapture
at least one memory I might have of you,
there wi...

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brotherghostheart and dreamless reallifememory of youquestionsadSpirit.

The Ghost Train

Down in the subway in the middle of the night, I hear a train approaching giving me a fright, For no train is scheduled this line has been closed for years, As the train grinds to a halt at the platform, it confirms my fears.   For this is the ghost train and its heading straight for hell, I hear the whistle blow and the signal man yell “All aboard! Its time to go our journeys...

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GhostGhost TrainSpiritsTrain


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I lived my life, most often, like a ghost,

ethereal, drifting from room to room,

a chill chasing me from pillar to post.


Rippling across the senses of those whom,

in solitude, sought meaning in their life

before they passed beyond it to the tomb.


I was not noticed by them, or my wife

who gladly let me rest in silent shade

whilst stab...

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I Miss You

Hello there,

Angel from my nightmares.

Devil from my dreams

a grey spirit that weaves

its way through my existence.

What a Dementor does to souls

or a Dalek to a human heart.


Even a superhuman heart

can break.


Just ask Logan,

a force so strong

a returning phoenix

could not reignite remnants.


I miss you.

Whatever you ...

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aloneangelDaleksdemondevilDoctor WhoeternityfeminazifeminismforeverghostherhiminternetJean GreyKingdom HeartsLoganlosslovememorymissmutantPhoenixradfemreligionsatansilentspiritsuperherosuperhumanthemTime LordtogethertruthtumblrWolverineX-Menyouzealotry

Ain’t Frit

and now  the voices start

those grody sounds that stop your heart


beneath the floor, within the walls

the precedent for dull footfalls


calling to us one by one

with no clear sight of saint or villain


a spectral round of hide and seek

directed by a floorboards creak


each time we search there’s nothing there

but of this guest we’re so aw...

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ghosthauntingspiritsvlad the impaler


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eidolic dread horses

have scarred your slumber

and even your furniture

has silent, open mouthed, nightmares

over the too soon dead school friends

who never ended their crossings

where there she stoops in shroud

ghastly knelt as in prayer

and you can’t see through the tricks

of light that scream “she is there”

your crumpling chest  boiling

as the bones...

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SPECTRE Drifting by my window pane, On a cold dark winters eve. No sign or trace, no echo or sound, No path to follow or deceive. A silent spectre, ethereal form, A hazy memory, from life, 'twas torn. Jealously wanting what now it resents, An anger no mortal can perceive or prevent. A pulsating obsession of hate and desire, Feeding the flames and stoking the fire. Trying t...

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Our Ghost Anthology is at last ready to go

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Well, content done, cover done just need to find an English printer who won't mess it up! Note that 'mess' was not my first choice of word. The title is 'Pressed by Unseen Feet' taken from TS Elliot's To Walter de la Mare' . The cover is by York artist Richard Barnes.

We are thinking of Launching it on the August Blue Moon.  

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AnthologyBlogGhostPublisherStairwell Books

Earth Lament

( A french poem with english translation )


J'irai allonger ma tête dans la cavité de la pierre,

Pour ne plus entendre  les lamentations de la Terre.

L'arbre, sur l'horizon, se déracine,

Et laisse son feuillage  s'envoler dans les vents.

Les oiseaux ont laissé leur pavillon d'été.

Je mettrai sur mes épaules le manteau de ta prése...

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(A work in progress & in constant evolution...)


What would say William Blake if he saw this world post-revolution?

What would he say if he had been witness of the greatest cataclysm of

human heart?

What would he think about universalization when his gaze turned to

New America?

Can its spirit be dumb?


He  wrote an answer in the form of a lullaby.


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