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Bon Appétit Monsieur Le Tory!

« Aw diddums! ‘as Bo Jo tekken away thi whips?

Tha’d best get thi guns eawt then, on’ t’ shootin’ sticks.

Lookin’ on t’ breight side…a well - flogged peasant,

Just ain’t got the texture on’ ne’er tastes uz pleasant,

Uz pulled leaded pheasant…avec jus de pissed-on chips! »



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If you learn from the past 
Improving your future 
Then you'll achieve the goal 
And reach it safely faster 

Pay an attention to move 
Know the direction to go 
Have time to Improve 
Act well, not only "show" 

Earn your people' regard 
And don't cross the fence 
Know the value of the word 
Now you've got confidence 

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