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Résumé / Michael Kwack


Love is,

like art,

dull without passion.


Marriage is,

like enterprise,

tough without fortune.


Home is,

like chair,

harsh without comfort.


Life is,

like sleep,

dry without dream.


Death is,

like letter,

empty without story.


Will is,

like poem,

absurd without wit.

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Will you raise your voice for the oppressed

Will you demand Governmental redress

Will you speak on things that truly matter

Will you allow this illusion to truly shatter

Will you plant the seeds in the ears of youth

So they can discover the yield of truth

Will you speak up Will you scream

Will you have faith Will you dream

Will you turn up your volume for the silenced


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braverydreamfaithfree willGodGod willingjusticeknowledgeliesoppressiontruthWillyouth

Return of the Will

Will lurks somewhere

in all our indecision.

A will too weak to stir

our flesh to action.

A will enfeebled

by the trials of youth.

A will deformed

by dirty songs and dreary.

What will steel the will

this world has robbed us of?


We need a war

to steel the will again.

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I Aim

I Aim


I aim to be as true to all 

As I have learnt from being small

Tell it like I see it when I'm clear

Zip my mouth if I'm not my dear


Now as time rolls on I find I still

Have a very strong unbending will

None too shy to state my case

Toe to toe, face to face


Tempering the above with concern

For others views where I may learn

More about this world ...

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