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"I want to tell you" she whispered

his heart cooled in the

sudden ice of their bed

"dont get mad" she urged

she'd been only fourteen with

a married man then

her mother taking charge and

from a long way off something about

a clinic

but what got him, sucked the love from him

was the tears

that claim of continuing loss

she'd even given him a name

no guilt

he ...

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Mother, the Lotus of Heart

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Ujjal Mandal, India

Nothing is more precious than mother

As it blooms solely in heart's bright chamber.

Please keep her always, don't share

As she is such a rare flower.

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Maa, the Maker of the World

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Maa*, the Maker of the World

Ujjal Mandal, July 4, 2020

Darkness pervaded the whole earth, 
Before our Maa came forth.
Today we are born, 
Yesterday buried we were like a cold corn.
Maa is none other than God
Whoever denies Maa, is convicted of fraud.
Do you know
Who made us? 
I am sure
She might be our Maa, 
Because potters know 
How to make dolls although, 
But fail to give liv...

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Needles & Thread

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Needles & Thread


I remember her sat at an old Singer sewing machine

Turning the handle in the half-light of autumn

Making dresses and skirts for herself

So that precious pennies could be invested in children


She made me a Lone Ranger mask

From remnants of black cloth

She had left from one of her creations

I wore it with pride and a whoop and a holler


When ...

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We Must Be Fair To Belinda

Like small children divorces are messy

Legal fees only add to the frustration

But perhaps the hardest thing of all

Is coping with an ex-partner's indignation


It's not easy but we must be fair to Belinda

She gave me the best years of her life

After all she is the mother of my kids

She was, all in all, a half-decent wife


Of course dear, you are my partner now


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My Mother's Kitchen

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My Mother’s Kitchen


I’m in my mother’s kitchen

It’s a Monday afternoon

The oven’s heated up the air

The buns will be out soon

Everywhere there’s an aroma

Of cinnamon and spice

An apple pie sits on the table

I’m waiting for a slice


A black-leaded coal fire

Does it’s best to dominate

The heat and the smells

That the baking permeates

An old fridge hums...

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In Another Place

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In Another Place


a soft breeze

drifting through an open window

hung with net curtains


the faint perfume


from an open book


the creak of a floorboard


above you


the shadows

caught dancing through the doorway

in a dim lit room


the taste of honey


on a teaspoon


the feel of a scarf

on your face


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Mam - Poem by Marie 

She left when roses ended bloom 
An empty chair a empty room 
Tears from the family fell like rain 
My mam died, I screamed in pain 

You knew we loved you, so why leave 
Mam do you watch us grieve 
Gone like the roses, dead life no more 
In my heart a pain I felt never before 

Why mam, why go I wanted you to stay 
Just like the roses god take you away 
Gone to whe...

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