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True Cost

They decide to divide us by race, religion and culture, add taxes and bills like a cold money vulture.
Put money and futures in lining their pocket, deductions and pensions on your wage docket.
Corruption and dealing, whilst blaming the poor, like oliver holding the bowl they'll show you the door.
In ivory towers showing no blame, they continue to run in all moneys game.
What's the cost of a l...

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Greedrichespoorsocial commentarypolitics

Rat's Race

In the darkness of night, I'm a king with no crown,
A knight with no sword, no way of cutting life down.
The words they create, cut like knives to the soul
Media fed by derision to fill up your bowl
Spread lies and more hatred on sharpened tongues
To drive home divisions, where no one belongs.

We live by their rules, and follow like sheep,
Heed the words of the wise, before your long slee...

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moneygreedwealthSocial Observations

Greedy Hearts

I am no product of love,

I have never been treated as one.

I am the product of greed,

The punishment of my creators' sin.

I am no reminder of their love,

I serve only as a reminder of their greed.

Greedy for more love,

When their own had run out.


I am a desperate attempt at filling their 

Empty hearts once again.

My own scratched empty,

Theirs only half filled...

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Back To The Essentials

Back to the days of the first encounters,

Back to the pictures with the zoom effects in full

Back to the first names hanging from those innocent lips

Back when the earth was singing with the full moon


With each glances under the whispers of hearts

With each letters of innocent beliefs like the dawn

With each stroke of dreams under the stars of the Milky Way

With all...

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modern lifeworldgreed


Nobody seems happy today

Striving struggles to hack it

Your rivals always have more

They revel in a higher bracket


My neighbour has a bigger car

My life's not worth a mention

My wife isn't pretty enough

My dick needs an extension


Do such woes have answers?

How to make the most of living?

Why not abstain from greed

And for a change try giving?


My n...

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givinggreedmortgagesmall merciestreadmill

The Aftermath

Stars fall from the sky 

And congregate on the ground to erect an ivory palace,

As bright as day, as searing as the desires 

Entombed deep under the earth's surface.


It doesn't take nightfall 

To lure them inside-

The eager, the crafty, the venal, the mortal.

Every nugget of their flesh blazes in the lambent lights.


Inscrutable power it gives them 

As they undr...

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Chocolate Tree

There once stood a chocolate tree, a bearer of desires. 

Its leaves melted when it inhaled passion.

Its fruits of fire

Set ablaze lands, verdant and barren.

Its bark was festooned in ribbons

Of rich gold and smooth caramel. 

Like Midas' touch, gluttony abundant,

The tree was nothing short of magical.

I basked in the shadow of the canopy

Atop the chocolate capped grass bl...

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The Midas Touch

The Midas Touch


I saved the life of Lady Luck

And as a thank you I was told

That all I touched metaphorically

Would surely turn to gold

This gift came with a caveat

That seemed to be quite fair

I mustn’t get too greedy

Or all would turn to despair


And from that day without a doubt

I’ve found this to be true

I’ve won small bets on horseracing

And a game...

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napowrimo2017day 7(68)goldmidas touchluckfortunegood luckbad luckgreed

House of Giants

House of Giants


Through houses of Giants,
we crawl on our knees.

We slave for our feed,
and all of our need.

They have framed our life,
till the day we die

Through their house, we fly,
work, and drive.

Their bones corrupt us,
surround us, and stink.

Every word is no.
Every sign is stop.
Everything is wait.
I’m gonna escape.

I will find a way.
I will be free.


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freedomSpoken Word poetryconspiracytruthgreeddestruction

Garden Greed

The rose recognizes the beauty of the sunflower, all the while self-assured in her own. She does not envy the golden beauty for her appeal to you


She knows better - she has guarded her stem from the likes of your fingers and the fingers of those before you, and the ones that will come after


She knows that while you, selfishly and ignorantly, believe the garden to be created for you...

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gardengreedroserosessunflowerbeautyself esteemSelf-WorthPurposecreatecreationgrowthwomanwomenwomens rightswomans issuesfeministfeminism

Silly dove

Pecking and struggling,
movements so frantic.
One piece too taxing,
the other not worth it. 

So hard work you pick
devoting all your strength 
to the oh so desired bit
as it avoids your attempts.

Until finally,
exhaustion and discontent
are what you're left with.

Stupid thing.
Instead of practicing yourself in modesty,
choosing the more compatible.

Disappontedly, you spread y...

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animalbirdfree formfree versegreedsillyhumans

Land of Opportunity.

What can I say I'm a little fucking jaded.
Must be stemming from the lies that you stated.

Yesterday's punks should've been today's politicians.
At least then to my generation they would listen.

You're killing our planet and bankrupting your people.
You leave us dying in a ditch and swear that we're equal.

Call me a millenial and I'll wear that shit with pride.
Please don't confuse me...

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Come the Revolution

Come the revolution

there’ll be bullet holes in the wall

and stains of brains that mattered

but didn't matter to us all


We’ll fly our flags

and burn the rich

and sing our songs

and burn the rich

and right their wrongs

and burn the rich

and take their wealth

and launder it

and to the poor 

might give a bit

but they wont know 

how much of it


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Revolutionpolitical naivetyhistorybloodgreedliarsbastards

When the World is Not Enough

You pick up the trees and you wave them like fans

But her face continues to sweat.

You unravel the ground and you drain it of soil

But her stomach never rounds,

Her mouth remains open.

You bottle up the ocean till all water is extinct

Yet she continues to faint of thirst.

You take life from the earth,

You remove breath from the world

And she continues to perform still bi...

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lovegivingworldparasiteunrequitedgreedlivingdeadacceptanceletting go


Night comes to an Indian ghost town..

footsteps follow well-trodden paths through an inkwell of darkness

upward toward a hidden citadel

where apparitions of inhabitants welcome the returning..


Evening swans are still singing in the ruins down below

to defy the arrogant rooster whose sure his day will come;

and who fills his barn with domestic fare and

sleeps in a snare of...

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Last Hope Of Redemption

Colour me deeply in high tension blue,

like the power lines that hang over you,

show the charred remnants of fleshy pink

which hint at what washed away in the sink.


Days of weeks and weeks of days pass by,

all I can do is cling on until I cease to cry,

knowing that pain is a way of life for too many,

lost souls all searching for love - is there any?


Take the path ...

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this is a troublesome little one, I can't really decide if it's a keeper or set for the knackers yard


oh leviathan

dashed, bereft, under hanging skies
that mirror your sagging pall
I stand, Ishmael, to your bloody demise

amidst the niveous fulminating
and hovering nebs
where Neptune  chose to serve your ruin

fit for its absolute picking
by those who need and others that greed

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A slide show of Walmart customers triggered  this acrostic


So many people walk through the store
Every one of them unique, wanting more
Excess love of gadgets and household gear
So much in their trolleys they can hardly steer
And we see their pictures on You Tube these days
Wall flowers they are not, but on Walmarters craze

When they reach the check outs they look all a...

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The Fury
Pitiful the morsels for the feeding of the rats,
Dished out unemotionally by vicious little cats,
Like vermin, out the rats they come and scurry back to hide,
Whilst all the while the fat cats feast voraciously outside.

The Persecuted
In the darkest corners of the high walled city streets,
The rank and rotten souls of human waste claw to compete,
Shuffling through th...

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seen through the columns of rising smoke

the intention couldn't be clearer


while the tattooed roads wear the organic stains

as footholds for a memory of fallen phosphor rain


yet more caustic the harvest we reap

from the drone-grown, crone wept bones

even as the stone groves grow over the dead hope of

the pebble eyed children in their dreamless sleep



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This Pig Society

all selling, or telling

forgot about the gelling together

of aught that matters


till we tipped past the point

of diminished returns to ruminate

instead on what a rich man earns


and caponised the germ

of all that once promised

in a swinish lust to fill our own pockets


gave a child faced strangler

the keys to the bank

to share the gold...

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the  page  needed  turning

yet  my  hand  between  her  legs

scorned  a  classical  warning

for  that  girl  got  an  untamed 

grit  in  her  eye

the  unchained

proper  reflection

of  an  unalterable  sky

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Rebel With A Cause (v2)

I am a rebel against torture 

I am a rebel against pain 

I seek an end to hunger 

I seek an end to the shame 

The shame that comes from knowing 

all those children dying without water 

all those children dying without names 

all those children dying from war 

Why do men play their vicious games 

why do those men pretend to serve God 

when all they want is power ...

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Annabel and Dave are sorted

toast the life they always courted

with Johnny Walker Black (imported)

by a geezer in Gibraltar.

Dave’s new boat’s a thirty footer

cowhide seats as soft as butter

room to practice with his putter

cruising down to Malta.

Made his pile in double glazing

take and margins just amazing

dreams of days of golf and lazing

on the Costa’s beac...

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                           I am element earth and ore,

                   the twinkle in the sawdust floor. I am the brass that’s

              pressed and minted I am the note that’s newly printed. The rattling

                                               change and ringing till, the dirty, dog-eared dollar bill, the jealous         


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