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Democracy Died

Democracy died in the Senate chamber
When Supreme Court justice was never heard
Through a guileless force of legal obstruction.
Respect for law fell like old holiday garland.
A complacent nation did not demur,
Thinking true fascism could not recur,
Power transferred to a political poseur.
A complacent nation watched it’s legal destruction
And Democracy died.
They quickly forgot what they ...

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Intolerants not welcome

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Intolerants not welcome - The battle of Lewisham 13.08.1977


An anti muggers march, called by mugs who wanted to spread hate

August thirteenth in ’seventy seven, history demands we mark the date

when South East London screamed out for black and white to unite and fight,

ensuring wronguns on right would never again be so bold or bright.


The backward Front was in for one...

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Saint Hate

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Saint Hate


The day he prayed to Saint Hate

was the day he lost his soul,

spat blood on the pavement,

pissed on the homeless,

broke bones for fun.


The day he prayed to Saint Hate

he surrendered his humanity,

lit a candle to the little god

who sat upon his shoulder

adding weight to the chip.


The day he prayed to Saint Hate

he put on the white hood,


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Last Hope Of Redemption

Colour me deeply in high tension blue,

like the power lines that hang over you,

show the charred remnants of fleshy pink

which hint at what washed away in the sink.


Days of weeks and weeks of days pass by,

all I can do is cling on until I cease to cry,

knowing that pain is a way of life for too many,

lost souls all searching for love - is there any?


Take the path ...

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