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Future's Past

Past has always chased Future's Present;

for Past envies its favored presence.


Mockery laced with lust

as injections plump busts.


Yet, Children of the Sun

will remain to be shunned.


Hot remains split like us

till we reach Exodus!


Hollowed we lie down deep;

your ass best wake from sleep!


Past was shiny, now played out.

Present is dying and s...

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The Fury
Pitiful the morsels for the feeding of the rats,
Dished out unemotionally by vicious little cats,
Like vermin, out the rats they come and scurry back to hide,
Whilst all the while the fat cats feast voraciously outside.

The Persecuted
In the darkest corners of the high walled city streets,
The rank and rotten souls of human waste claw to compete,
Shuffling through the blac...

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