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My internal spirit of rebellion

Is far from calm--



Anger builds

Single spark ignites

Observing injustice


From figures of authority,

Power moves, prejudice--

Inferno in the making


Refusing to be

The next victim, the next pawn,

I know these sensations well--


Long ago, I marched on California's streets


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Verbal Activism

Verbal Activism

The man went for a hair cut

The barber told him

He had a friend from Ukraine

A female pal not a lover

Married to a guy

Both were of fighting age

She was a house wife

That really needed to be there

Making bullets or missiles

Or tending wounded soldiers

Does she have Russian citizenship?

Plus Ukrainian like many does

She lived in his country


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"Soro Soke" (Battle Cry)



"Soro Soke" (Battle Cry)


Soro soke!

It is the dawn we have been waiting for,

A dawn where darkness bows to light,

And the wicked at the feet of the righteous.


Soro soke!

We are done with the silence,

We are done with the fake smiles,

We are done with hoping in their dead promises.


Soro soke!

The giants have risen in the form of a youth, 


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activismjusticefairnessgovernment for allEnd police brutality in NigeriaEndsars

"The Struggle"

"The Struggle"

9 a.m on a dull Tuesday morning,
I walked with a heavy head,
I've been carrying this for a while now,
Something common to men of my status,
Scamperring at the feet of the scavengers at the top of the national bounty,
They come with tummies tucked inside and mouth full of fairytale,
But leave pregnant with our wealth,
And then hands it over as a heirloom to their kind.


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The Digital Frontier - Bullshit Two Point Zero

We get our news in headlines and trending quotes

Despotic Tyrants hack computers to sway our votes

Egomaniacs trump their worth from their ivory towers

Politicians line their pockets with money that is ours

Whilst the fat cat bankers and the Global Corporation

Ruin our economies and sell our personal information


It seems the Arab Spring has sprung and broken

And Twits and...

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A day to achieve

I wake up to blue skies and a bright sun
My alarm rings, now my day has begun
I turn on the hot shower, the bathroom begins to steam
When I'm done I dry and put on my best dress
I have an important meeting today so I need to impress 
After the usual traffic jam I finally arrive at work
I'm greeted with smiles from familiar faces
I come face to face with my boss as my heartbeat races
Good m...

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Malefic Condescension: Dose of Heaven... II

Over death,

      Achieving nectar dose of the god's karma never cared much at all lost dreams, The unfathomable infinite sandcastling cosmos, Realm of golden aptitude desire tests, Where the children of Buddha's eternal poverty war are forever subdued by avarice... Inside, Stagger as if cosmic winter recital blind, Waging every swollen consciousness sedated by snake apathy rolled eye no take...

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Hive Mind: Seething Vocal Discord II

Genocide tolerance,

     Speech vomited from a hate intoxicated by an uninvited intolerance heirloom complex mouth full of razor blades, Every sky is unsheathing acid ghastly haze falling rain down upon our graceless artificially self labelled intelligent inhumane white nameless cross tattooed tongues, Empowered by whisky bottom glass dreams that appear more than obscene, Loved more than the ...

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Cosmo Dark Canyon I

Dead plateau of life hand,

    Distant cold realms of infinite strangely star dim lit light, Compelling diction of cosmos inaudibly threat of silence curing the creeping parasite affliction of a habitual debt f(r)iendship with dignity's lost kindred hate spirit: Empathy's lost imagination engine key holding Loki demon!

In earnest anticipation of,

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