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An Unknown Garden


Long I laboured

through the seasons

through the years


on the plot:


as digging blistered my palms

and the soil grew fertile

as digging pained my back

and plants grew strong -

grew verdant

beside the deep dug pond

with its little stream

where I placed fish


an unplanned golden feast for a heron

and an otter


And as e...

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The Garden

I step out

Into that mystic choir

That holds my heart

Where time, standing still,

Moves with the seasons

Quietly changing my world

With its elemental tune

While my song is barely heard:

A contrapuntal whisper

Struggling for harmony


For my land is my chancel

Hymns hum soft on its breezes

And prayer rises in its stillness

In this quiet place of remembrance


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Rainfall Tonight

entry picture

Let me return to past, let me recall tonight
With me cries, each corner and wall tonight

What let flowers to slit throat in my garden
Who has invoked the curse to fall tonight

My screams have awoken people from sleep
Separation to be mourned in rainfall tonight?

He might be Abbas-e-Ali collecting tears
Mourners have sighted him tall tonight

Mirza, your phone is ringing since evenin...

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curseflowersgardeninvokemirza sharafatmuharramrainfall

Winter from a Window

The empty stems of the fennel

Under umbrella heads of raindrops

Are perches for the waiting birds


The grey green sage leaves

Glow crystal white in the frost


Moss grows where the branch

Leaves the trunk of the bonsai

Its ruddy leaves falling


Amongst the yellowing leaves

A single crimson rose bud perishes


Yellow leaves have fallen from the dogwood


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Earth Treasure

What is that glint

                as the sod breaks and crumbles:

a sparkling hint

                of discovery

                as I dig the dusty summer soil?

This old garden has gained lost treasures

                of man, woman and child for centuries -

                What lies uncovered?


Teased from the clod

                I find a tiny glass heart and this ...

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Cottage Garden

Much more than half my life ago

Some chance led us to this place;

Now, my heart is caught and held

By the peace of its earth and space.


Some while past, when first she left me

I could not make my soul adjust

But cached it safe within the plot

Beside her memory and her mortal dust.


And as the family aged and spread

My lonely tenancy grew content

Past spectres...

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A Garden Party

entry picture
When the sunshine burns off the morning dew
And the flowers unfold and smile
Then we gnomes will be ready to do what we must do
We'll prepare for the party with style
We'll get out our scythes and trim a patch of lawn
Haul out our toadstool chairs and bunting
We've been ironing the table covers since the break of dawn
We find it far more fun than fishing and than hunting

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Gorgeous Garden

My garden is so lovely

Filled with every kind of bloom.

From the daffodils to the buddleia,

The marigolds and the broom.

Every moment that I can I spend

Amongst my lovely flowers.

There's fairy glens and poolside wends

And quiet jasmine bowers.

Their secret life unfurled

My World.

The rustle of the hedgehog

as it roots around.

The noisy sound of sparrows

Fighting over seeds they'v...

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