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I’ve peeled off my skin for you 

I’ve let you crunch my bones,

Consume beyond my flesh

Beyond my visceral tissues

Beyond my beating heart

Beyond the fibres of my being

Down to my soul

I’ve let you gobble up my spirit

I’ve let you slurp up my mind

Lick the lasting crumbs

of my emotions

Everything in me

Everything making me, me

All that constructs me


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Church Nursery

You were in that church nursery,

where they forced you to play.

They made you share your toy,

with that boy, who kept stealing it.

They got mad, when you beat him,

with that red fire truck.

They said you were bad, and needed

a long time out.

Everyone made a big deal,

and you learned a lot that day.

That day, your mom never went back.

But you went back on that...

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Nobody seems happy today

Striving struggles to hack it

Your rivals always have more

They revel in a higher bracket


My neighbour has a bigger car

My life's not worth a mention

My wife isn't pretty enough

My dick needs an extension


Do such woes have answers?

How to make the most of living?

Why not abstain from greed

And for a change try giving?


My n...

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Go for the Glow

Go for the glow
of good health.

Go for the glow
of a clear conscious.

Go for the glow
of forgiveness.

Go for the glow
of dreaming fearlessly.

Go for the glow
of giving generously.

Go for the glow
of loving unconditionally.

Go for the glow
of a life well lived.


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What I Have

I am a Have and a lot I've got,

Not as much as many but

More than those who have not.

Riches may come, they will go.

Does the weight of my estate trouble,

Bow me low?

If I gave it all away

Then to The Father began to pray

Would he find my prayers more sweet

Because I begged upon the street?

What I have is mine until its gone.

Given, taken, found, lost,


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The power of giving

what is life without a fight
without rights
do we live to fight for our rights
when is it right to fight
to write about fighting for rights in this life
this short life
before you know it it's over
it's done
your day has gone
the only rights you got now are your last
last rights
they're flashing before you
visions of all that you seen and who saw you
your brothers your siste...

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When the World is Not Enough

You pick up the trees and you wave them like fans

But her face continues to sweat.

You unravel the ground and you drain it of soil

But her stomach never rounds,

Her mouth remains open.

You bottle up the ocean till all water is extinct

Yet she continues to faint of thirst.

You take life from the earth,

You remove breath from the world

And she continues to perform still bi...

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