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Poisoning our Children

Carcinogenics in every single thing we buy
From our food, clothes, to even our hair dye
Although Europe does indeed do more to try to protect us
America really doesn't seem to give a flying fudge
They have many slimy loop holes which risk our health and safety
Like the fragrance loop hole that has, over these years, affected us far too greatly
They need not disclose chemicals that they use t...

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cancwrcarcinogenicsconspiracyControversialdiseaseFDAhuman naturehumansliespoetrypollutionprotect our youngresearchstand uptake a stanstruth

Ignorance is bliss

So I guess that they've imprisoned us into this predetermined preposition 

When the truth is there so blatantly but we can't help but not to listen 

Because ignorance is bliss so we'll stay blissfully unaware 

As to the GMO's in all our food and the geo engineering in the air 

I suppose we'll go organic and refuse the water from the tap 

What about the metals likened to a subtle che...

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They say..

They say 5 a day and a number of vaccines are what you need to be healthy                          

They say that cancer can't be cured and that a plant should be outlawed, but what's the reality

They say we need to go to war but we've heard it all before, and it's not how it should be            

They say we need to vote so get in line, as if we have a choice this time, they act like we'...

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Just another cover up

2 minutes past midnight,

a shooting star falls,

Piercing the star spangled heaven,

Or you'd like to think it was.

And now your monarch spread eagle,

Is it for peace and mankind in its cost,

That it took to get it up there on that silver dusty surface?

Or did you really go?

And if not -

Then where did all that money go?


It's just gone 3 minutes past midnight,


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Irregular Apocalypse

“Got 10p for a cup of tea?”

“If you show us where you can get one for that price,

I'll give you a quid”

He never did...


Irregular Apocalypse.

Lonely and irksome.

The bitter glow of jaundice

tears at society's rustic chains,

one tragedy at a time.


The Freemasons took my children,

they took my baby.”

Now she's hopping magic buses,


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Broken BritainConspiracyCrazyCrazy Bus LadyEnglandFreemasonsHeroinHeroin AddictHeroin AddictionManchesterMental IllnessMentally IllMisunderstoodNaPoWriMoReal LifeSmackSmack AddictTragedyUKUnited Kingdom


                                                 BRITISH SECRET HISTORY



                        Nineteen seventy-seven,

A competition for kids on housing estates,

Beaten and battered

Singing God Save the Queen –

And lo behold – pain from the sixties crowd,

If flags are not waved for her Majesty’s Reign.


            Beaten and battered and soon to be...

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