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Tyranny digs its own grave

I met a tyrant going to the fair

I enquired may I taste your ware?

The answer I received took me little by surprise:

“You wear my colours, but cannot hide

your true hues that you keep inside

so I will throw you in jail

and lose the key.

While you scream and wail

my laughter will be heard

around the land

while you rot in this hell

for ignoring my command.”



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You have to pay for a deaf ear

Angry a man began to beat his dog
"Conniving with a thief is wrong!"

Answered the dog

"What more do you
Want me to do dear
After to my non-stop bark last night
You turned a deaf ear!

When told to mend its  way
Adamant, the incumbent
Went astray.

After it is to late
It makes a dabble
To hold citizens to
The chaos accountable!

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I seek

entry picture

After hearing the voice of despotism,

the cries of the hungry looking in the trash for bread,

the bitter language of solitude,

I look in the blue sky for serenity;

I create a landscape and try to dream


I seek peace among the white fingers of the aurora


After not finding the line of understanding,

the root of the soul,

the wind of justice,

the submerged freedom,


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entry picture

Poison vapours

etched in gloom.

Ghastly, void,

vacant, the guardian of

a chained black gate.


Never sleeping;

eyes, as heads,


waiting for heroes

to seal their fate.


In legends torn

from clay cast bright

we may witness

fire and blades and bows;

such blood-fuelled spite.


Now all too real;

slowly shed,

the skin of time;


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The Hangman of Prague

In the days of war and Nazi conquest

Deep in the heart of the Third Reich

Was a man so cold and ruthless

That the fuhrer proclaimed had a heart of Iron


Hangman Heydrich ruled a nation

Of several million innocent Czechs

Controlling them with an Iron grip

Signs of resistance spelled their death


Himmlers deputy performed with efficiency

The darker pa...

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