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Collude 2 Exclude

Collude 2 Exclude


A member’s box, a football game,

all the men all talk the same:

the same old jokes,  the same old blokes

perpetuate the same old hoax.


They’re shaking hands and slapping backs

to ease their passage through the pack.

At work they say they honour law:

outside their box, we know the score.


They collude, collude,

collude to...

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Also by AJ McKenna:

Employer of the Year |


entry picture

I told her I needed my space

she said

take all the fucking space you want

just don’t expect me to be here

when your oxygen of freedom

runs out.

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Planet Earth

entry picture

You tell me I live on a different planet,

smiling, the way you smile

and sadly I agree

for when I look beneath

the earth is black,

my feet rooted to its soil

and when I look above

I see one moon,

waxing to a waning womb

and all around me vast skies,

peppered with my dreams,

every star I ever wished on

cold and dark and distant

as I breathe


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Also by Isobel:

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Mr Camera

Making a subject out of you, collecting each cell;
a dangerous ankle,
The emotive fingerprint, her hair and pout,
sharp like a wine bottle in his chest,
takes him away from his wife’s memory –
and love is fashion, put in front of him,
a pink lipstick smeared on the wrists;
a power pop pulse.
Sister Morphine, falling on your body, laughi...

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Also by Marianne Daniels:

Cataract | And the trees fought back | The Persistent Memoir |

There are doors

entry picture

Thoughts are passing

through doors and gates

To parallel worlds,

with alternative fates.

A lucid dream,

a psychedelic trace.

An open landscape,

or a crowded place.

Pools of water,

dive in take a look.

A different way to travel,

like a wardrobe in a book.

Are we on the way there?

are we on the right track?

Or falling through a hole,


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childhooddreamslost realitytravel

priviledged boy

entry picture


Semaphore flagpoles

Red sails in the harbour

Formidable matrons and


A feast on the beach

With the brown china teapot

Boys with bare feet

“Come roll up your trousers!”

A parrot called Peggy

A dog called Dorita

A cloche in the garden

Oh whatever next!

The first car in the village

A chauffeur called William

The yearly reg...

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Is Parting From Conflict Such Sweet Sorrow?

I saw the men and women trudging, marching,

Poppies pinned to their coats,

Protests for peace rended by police hordes disheartening,

Who'd still glorify all those, 

Give to such, what is it we suppose,

Keeps us battle locked? Hear the drums starting,

A frenzied beat and a gunshot sound so close.

Is parting from conflict such sweet sorrow


The triumphant regi...

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Rocket Man.


In a cycle of birthdays

He lived his life

Accentuated by

Seven big O’s and

A couple more

He could remember

The war but only just

Life in Liverpool was

Not for the heavy of

Heart but those who

Liked to prank


He recalled angst

Tanks and yanks

And the shelter that

Was doodlebugged at

Edge Hill - after this

It was scooting ...

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Also by Philipos:

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I am absolutely indifferent  to

what you think about me

as…I don’t think about you at all.


All cats in the whole world purr

as a new holiday was proclaimed in Singapore:

A  Toilet Day!

Hurray! Hurray!


The things you do not understand

you can understand as you like.



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Lost Ghazal

In a place we’d never been before, we were lost.

We talked and kissed away our dream, before we were lost.


It was beautiful only because you were there,

in a place we’d never seen, before we were lost.


We wandered paths in aimless bliss and,

I prayed I’d ever be more lost.


The dread awakening, as time slipped away,

to know you could never be more lo...

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Also by John Aikman:

Sometimes (extended rhyming mix) |

The Plain Girl

This was a little exercise at one of the workshops at the Hebden Bridge Poetry weekend. I think it was in Winston's packed workshop. Looking through my notes, there are one or two bits that i like, so i thought I would share this.

The Plain Girl

 I raise a glass to the plain girl,

She who lives all her life in the shadow of night;

Who is like an oyster hiding a pearl;

May s...

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workshop poetry


A paper doll

breaks away from the chain


Standing apart from the rest

The writing's on the wall

next to a Banksy cartoon

A genius or a fool?

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 Hi folks,

I will be doing the following events/open-mics this week!  Come down and check it out!

Tuesday 30th November


The Horse and Groom

28 Curtain Road


London EC2A 3NZ

Nearest tube/rail: Liverpool Street

Maplink: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode&q=EC2A+3NZ&sll=37.0625%2C-95.677068&sspn=30.048013%2C54.667969&...

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Also by Alain English:

Poetry N Motion | Gigs this week (23rd and 24th November) | RAW Gems! |

Song of triumph

When I wake on winter mornings

and the central heating's failed,

I ignore the alarm's warning

until my bladder has prevailed.

Then I take my fur lined slippers

and I don my fleecy jumper,

run to where the air is crisper,

touch the cold seat with a whimper.


When the thermostat is working,

and the outlet pipes have thawed,

another problem must be lurk...

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Also by Alison Smiles:

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Tale from the North Country

entry picture

As we crunched through snow together

In inclement Arctic weather,

I thought I’d bring to mind an Old Icelandic song;

There’s a saga of the Viking

That you need to heed when hiking

That “Pissing in His Boots -

Keeps No Man Warm for Long”.


In Nordic runes it’s written

That if your foot’s frost-bitten

Don’t fumble with your flaps to free your frozen prong;


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Also by John Coopey:

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Poetry is Theft

Poetry is theft.
It takes an act
diminishes it, drags from context.
The poet makes a verse
binds it to a page
locked up in a book.
The book is released to the mainstream.
Sold, repackaged and shipped out.
The poem is put on a spoon
and forced down the mouths of 6J.
Analysed in exam.
Context forgotten.
We live in an Eden
where shackles keep you free.

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Also by James Butler:

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Too Much Space, Too Much Time

The plan never changed
it was never revealed
suddenly, this cell was just mine

Can I still grow, can I still change?
I don't want to be my father
I don't want to live alone

Another evening in;
another night, pushing everyone away
'All I need is a little space
room enough to think a while
write some lines
a drink or two
Me; all to myself'

But the more I take, the more I...

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During the last boom and bust crisis

we decided to pull in our belts

and dispense with life coaches,

financial advisers, personal

bodyguards, crystal healers,

spiritual guides and gurus,

and take responsibility

for the children and pets ourselves.


She watered and fed the kiddies,

combed their hair into a parting,

read them bedtime stories

and sc...

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Comes and Goes a Day

                                                             Comes and Goes a Day



            The rim of a hat tilts silently towards me

While a kai-bosh batters my thoughts,

And my head banging wall is dented so violently

And tickles of torture trickle streams of blood;

Fatigue holding tight like a noose from

A snakes ardent enquiry,

            And ther...

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The Other Side (Space Poem)

entry picture

Looking back now,
the space between us
was like looking through
a sheet of ice
from the other side.


The space between us
was as timeless
as the void between
earth and Mars.
A mirage
like Saturn’s rings
in all of their
haunting beauty.
The space in-between us
was an intense as
the purple evening sky
soaring over
the nearby street lights

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Also by Andy N:

Freedom Competition Winners |

spacethe other side

Stoner Laments

entry picture


To tell the truth, I'm bloody sick of it, in the thick of it
without a paddle, up shit creek with a hole in the boat
I used to scoff at the others in my position, but I'm forced
to eat my words now, and I'm no longer laughing
it's pathetic, this world in which I currently reside
pride and discernment cast aside for nothing less than a crutch
at the end of the day, ...

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Also by S.J.:

Pigeons are NOT God's creatures |


Raspberry fib

entry picture
Dripping sweet fresh juice,
Stimulates these moist swollen buds,
Tempts my tongue to pleasure deep in this submissive flesh .

my first attempt at a fibonacci poem .

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Also by Shoeless Carole:

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The World Grew Younger


I've never aged,
'twas the world that grew younger,
look close inside,
you can see my mind hunger,
for new joys to see
and a fresh course to set,
there's just so much 
to be learnt at home on the net.

November 21st 2010

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Also by Dave Dunn:

Brimming |


real men have body hair

entry picture

OMG! Theres a medical entry for this!

Hairy ear rims
Hairy ear rims: Related Topics

These medical condition or symptom topics may be relevant to medical information for Hairy ear rims

Read more at http://www.wrongdiagnosis.com/medical/hairy_ear_rims.htm?ktrack=kcplink

And why is it that hair shall grow
From the waxy canal and edge of lobes
From the crease of toes
And the awkward...

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entry picture

Mum always says

“You're in the pink”.

She's alright, that's okay,

I don't mind.


My toothbrush is pink,

matches the plastic mug,

pink is fine,

I don't mind.


There's a pink stripe

in the good old peejays

in with white and blue.

Quite like that effect.


Got a pink shirt,

shows the dirt, but it's okay,

wore it on Saturday,


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Also by Dave Bradley:

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entry picture

 my mind wanders

places unexplored

outer space

mind-blowingly vast

beyond our galaxy

planets sparkle

billions of them

so many

light years away

and beyond the stars

I can’t comprehend

just space

utterly infinite


like this space

in my head

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Also by Lynn Dye:

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Flossing with Carlos the Jackal

entry picture


The Interpol dentist


three o’clock Wednesday,

walls galleried

with enamel amphitheatre x-rays -

detached mouths keeping incognito.


Toilet Duck


cerise mouthwash,

a rippled plastic cup,

and a half full



Next doors drill pitch hits

a thin Marathon Man crescendo,

pushes higher, needle point high –


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Also by Michael Scott:

It started in the jungle |


Prevail, the waves pulling me away.

Goodbye, the last word

I'll ever knowingly say to you out loud.

I will live with that in my heart,

Last memories good for the soul.

Think of you before I sleep

When I wake.

Days go fast, days go slow,

Time's the healer,

Patience a virtue.

One day my heart will forget

The way you made me feel,

Take to someone els...

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The net

Shrug away fears and firmly grasp the net;

come saddle up a snorting photon beam;

lean forward, grip the mane and ride the dream;

joust bravely with electrons tete-a-tete.

Go boldly into other worlds, forget

your leaden boots, leap out and get extreme.

In cyberspace, if no-one hears you scream,

who cares. Absorb the nothingness of jet

black night; lift just one d...

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Also by Dave Carr:

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november robin




                                                      the wee bird

                                           high viewing frosty blue

                                               its blushing breast

                                                  in filigree twigs


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Also by Cynthia Buell Thomas:

The Written Word | Creation |


Her Space

entry picture

Oh how I adore her space


With just a trace of grace and favour

Her femininity to savour


Oh how I adore her space


Her secret nook and cranny


Oh how I adore her space





Oh how I adore her space


With just a trace of lace and French silk

Her blood red nails and her thighs of milk


Oh how I adore her space


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Also by Gus Jonsson:

Jake (This poem was written for a very dear friend on the loss of her true and faithful friend) |




Because there's kids

all scissorheads, blade-eyes,

machete hoods

and skin impervious to your reasonable begging

as they wave the pre-cutting knife

in a goodbye to your drained face.


They're behind every corner,

in every shop,

unstamped shouting on every high street.

And there's concrete abode blocks

hammering your daymare...

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captaindon'tgooutsidepoetryrantSpoken Word poetry

Poetry Videos

Here's a nice quick easy promo of a poetry video I've done. I do these from time to time but this is a new one and it's already a personal favourite:


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avant gardeGerard McKeowngraffitiirish poetryperformance poetry




Prince Willy and his woman are to wed.

The world unites to say that we are blessed.

(In Haiti cholera’s claimed a thousand dead.)


Polluted water means the plague will spread,

but Will was born within the royal nest

and he and Katie said they will be wed.


The paparazzi’s frenzy must be fed.

The print and broadcast media are obsessed.


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At dawn of day no mask is worn,

There is no sense of me,

Parental impositions  shape,

Cladding what you’ll be.


 Early morning now reveals

Half phantom mask in place,

Literal, and concrete,

This quicksilver new face.


Late morning sees a new

And abstract mask will now arrive,

Experimenting, learning,

Constant motion sets ...

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In this final winter,

Home to a vacant house

In mourning style,

With ice on the sale sign.

Unlit, but heated

By neighbourly care.

Still it is voiceless.


A card for Christmas,

Fallen on the floor,

Postmark from Pennsville:

A cousin, not too close,

Who has yet to hear

The march of long men

Sounding through the night.


Our neighbou...

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Fourth Wall of Faustus


Memento mori – remember you must die.

Faustus heed thy warning.

Speaketh not devils,

Angels exeunt with wretched abandon.


Enter Indigo.


Thine saviour art not light nor dark.

Thou art thine saviour,

Thy soul art Medusa in thy mind,

Thou darest not meet its gaze...

frozen as Atlantis abyss.


Thawed as a lobster in

Satan’s furnace...

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Also by Ushiku Crisafulli:

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FaustusIndigoOpenMindPoetry Picnic

November (Massive at last)

entry picture

Oh they never applauded me this much!

Endless cheering!

Thousands of throats screaming,

thousands of hands waving at me only!


only - it's thousands of leaves on a massive ash tree

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Also by Dali:

November (Unbearable one) | November (Golden fallen) |


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caligraphy of joy(for sagal)

(from my second book, 'wife of the heart')

tell me
do you remember still
that slow kiss laid upon your neck
with all the reverence one gives the holy?
does it linger
in those nights where
sedate brunches and attempts at freedom through soca
leave you still empty?
will you
still feel the burning pleasure
of my fingertips
tracing a caligraphy of joy
on your face?

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Also by Christopher Smith:

Greetings to all from New York City!!! |

A gardener reminisces.

 A gardener reminisces.


A long-ago morning,  bright but biting cold,

I forked a client's border.  A sheen of frost

had silenced the robins,  silvered the cobwebs and glossed

a gorgeous Norway Maple's veils of gold.

One by one she dropped her leaves and tossed

playfully some of the sparkliest at my head,

laid the rest around me as a bed

and unabashed lolled ...

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I Hated Being Outdated



They said our library was outdated

So now we’ve gone all automated - - -

Well, I don’t like it: sounds absurd! –

Once, I enjoyed a civil word


With the librarian at the counter:

Such a pleasant, nice encounter! –

All that’s gone! – and, dearie me,

We’ve gone all high-tech and IT –


And poor old Martha Plumton-Scot...

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Permutations (OR Death and Syntaxes, I can't decide)

Ever observed this phenomenon?


A language thing, simply done

that can make people stop, mid-step

and mark the page they’re on.


And that’s right, I did say phenomenon.


It’s two words together.

Arranged, or rather allowed to fall

recklessly like rain

onto a page, or a sign,

or some aggressive lips.


There must be two, more than one.


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Also by Jo Mayers:

Time to Wake Up |


No Call for It




not much call for

Bismarck and the Entente Cordiale

in these parts I suggest

the Civil Service Exams


small feet run in my family really

for reference only do you own

a suit solid ladder to a pension

one day these facts won’t


need you the assassination of Franz

Ferdinand by the Black Hand Gang led

through various...

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On the bus there are people going to see Bob:- girls with their new Apple iPhones; women who carry orange shopping bags; men on their way from work; and some young dudes behind me whose vowels skid all over the place as they talk; the referee, rugby players and crowd huddled under floodlights.

They're the sort of people whose life won't be complete until a few hours time when they wou...

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Also by Rodney Wood:


A Citizen Peasant Answers a Question of a Man of Graces

If ever you want to wind up an Irishman like me, dress up in full riding gear and refer to yourself and you chums as "gentry". The following poem, while not Shakespeare, retells a story from Tyrellspass in Westmeath beside me where one poor tourist made the mistake...




Can you tell me, sir, a man passing did say
To a citizen of Ireland at his gate one day
When the ...

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gentryhuntingirelandirishland warpeasent

Moar Pomes 2001 - 2010

Tunisian Holiday

The girl danced the hokey cokey
Before smoking a fag
She obviously wanted
The best of both worlds

2004 Pieces.

The world is now almost silent.
Text message on my phone?
Without nuance or expression
It’s hard to lower the tone

Emoticons - I con emote
I used one Valentine’s Day ‘95
It’s difficult when you’re emoting in a new language
I can’t thrive ...

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Poppy Picking Day

Poppy Picking Day Posted on Tuesday 16th November 2010


I say this to poppy-wearers; which is it?

The papery one that sprang from Flanders mud,

To jog the memory of long rotten dead?

Or the one from Afghan fields,

The flower of   pipe-line power,

That feeds the morphine dream,


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Loves Label Lost

I have a shelf,
And on that shelf
There are jars.
Some labelled,
Some not.

There is one jar
I've been trying to find
Hidden in
Amongst the others;
Identical from the outside.

That jar
Was always labelled
But now that label's gone 
And I can't find 
The right receptacle.

I opened a few
In my hunt
And have to admit
To being skeptical
Of ever finding it!


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Also by Steven Kenny:

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