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Beyond Doubt

Calling the familiar ray,

hope bore a light,

unlike any star, 

for while its brilliance

scattered and shone

over all we could see,

its longevity was called into question

so it dissipated within its doubt. 

Still the echo of its ghost

remains primal in its protection

of those who seek it, 

as beyond the chilling

despondency of doubt, 

all we are and will be re...

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To be saved by the bell

at my door, the guests arrive 

a glad sight, albeit overdue

marked by assurances, assuredly contrived


The dancing hall is restless 

the partners move slowly, in accord

with gentle music flowing

along the best drinks any can afford


And my fascination thickens

as the friendships that they feign

brazenly are burst through

by the bubbl...

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