In gilted gold halls

Between wealth wrought walls

Came the last of the self-pronounced worthy

Their dresses and suits 

Swayed to silver flutes

Music divine and unearthly

And the satirists would depict

Just how all were tricked

And subjugated without mercy


Each position maintained 

And anger reigned

In a rife and rapacious rancour

Each being to steeped to se...

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The causality casualty

I died today

Because my heart gave out

As a result of my diet

As I ate to offset my depression

Due to bullying through school and work

By cause of a wimpy and nerdy disposition

Owing to me being highly introverted 

On account of being diagnosed with Autism

In the interest of maintaining my academic career

Which only raised my self-consciousness

By virtue of the limiti...

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River amidst a forest fire

A low hubbub carries on the air over me

A dark grey envelopes the heavens

On introspection I see its reflection

Calm smattering gives way to a spark


The prior quiet besieged by panic

Smoke lends itself to the sky's palette 

The brazen, livid orange blaze meets me

A study in contrast between it and me


I stay unphased as it spreads 

A hellish talon offset by merc...

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The long redacted sound of reason crackled

Static-pronged consensus of a bygone concept

Against a typified gestalt of incandescent insanity

The layer-laden deceptive dynamic caught wind

Ushering and redoubling its efforts

Polarising all subject to it 


Two turns played, a fool's mate prepared

The clocks, still nascent, are brought to a stop

Complexities and nuance are o...

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I'd heard of a woman from Crete

Who had unusually large feet

It was said that her shoes

Were the size of canoes

Her collection of which were a fleet

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Sidelined Life

The sun sighted as a Galilean dream

As vision faded from the grasp of Winter

A kid leaned out of the window

Whispering out what he needed to say

But in needing to blurt it out

His mind submerged in uncertainty 

Choked between a tearless cry

And a cheerless laugh

As with notated thoughts all about

His room was littered

And the sidelined life he adopted

Was cast to t...

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They came by water

They came by train

They came by flight

They came in luxury

But some arrived in cages

All strangers to us and each other


They were stopped at the docks

They were stopped at the station 

They were stopped at the airport

They were stopped in their conditions

Remaining ever a constant

Adhered to each other in isolation 


They saw the look...

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