At dawn of day no mask is worn,

There is no sense of me,

Parental impositions  shape,

Cladding what you’ll be.


 Early morning now reveals

Half phantom mask in place,

Literal, and concrete,

This quicksilver new face.


Late morning sees a new

And abstract mask will now arrive,

Experimenting, learning,

Constant motion sets alive.


By noon a favourite mask’s entrenched

Public face on show,

Chosen face, our comfort zone,

What we want the world to know.


But now the game gets harder,

As we travel through the day,

Life's constant wear and tear,

Causes mask to slip and fray.


So now we often change the mask,

For the role we need to play,

Adapt, fade back, merge in, belong,

We camouflage this way.



So all the world’s a stage,

Men and women merely players,

As we slip from mask to mask,

Covering all our layers.


But have you ever wondered

What lies beneath the cover?

The essence of the spirit

Breathing life in friend or lover.


If you could softly touch the face,

And peel the mask away,

What endless possibilities

Reveal to light of day.


If trust allowed removal

Of the mask we have in place,

The kindness of the soul revealed

In smiling lines of face.


Could  product of a life that’s lived,

The inner, fragile you,

Place faith, remove the mask you wear,

Embracing chances new?


Can the old dog learn new tricks?

Or is  mask too bound to him,

Is he brave enough  to share

That special self that lies within.



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Tue 7th Dec 2010 19:47

Hello Stella. Thankyou for your comment and yes it is a frightening concept. It was recently pointed out to me that even when we remove one layer there is often another underneath. Fodder for a new poem perhaps?
Regards Yolande

<Deleted User> (6315)

Tue 7th Dec 2010 17:48

hello..I thoroughly enjoyed the concept of the mask changing during the day..that's a neat idea and works well..I sometimes think if all the masks came off what would be there?..most possibly someone I didn't recognise in my own case..god that's such a morbid thought lol..thought provoking read thanks


Fri 19th Nov 2010 10:21

Hello Ray
Thankyou for your comstructive comments on my poem Masks. It was helpful and you have obviously given it some thought, so I have no intention of telling you to "sod off." I like the length and the commas so they stay. I have taken your advice and changed some lines using a few of your suggestions. Literal "and" concrete replaces "yet " which is better - whilst they sound like the same thing they are not. "Concrete" was meant to refer to Piaget's stages of child development, hence the stage "abstract" follows.I have replaced the line entrenched /firmly as I agree it sounds too much the same. I did mean "our" this was simply a typing error, I am not the world's best typist. I also changed the last line as I liked your suggestion of " Is he brave enough to share. Thanks. I think the poem is greatly improved.
Regards Yolande

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Ray Miller

Thu 18th Nov 2010 22:15

It's longer than it need be and there's far too many commas but I liked it, you carry the idea off well.
Cladding is a nice word, unusual too. "Literal yet concrete" - don't they mean the same thing for this purpose?Likewise entrenched and firmly.Do you mean "covering all our layers"?
"Place trust, remove the mask you wear,"
You've already said "If trust allowed removal" Maybe "have faith" instead of place trust.
Ditto in the last verse, summat like "Is he brave enough to share".
Christ, I've gone on haven't I? Tell me to sod off, if you like!

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Thu 18th Nov 2010 15:45

This presents such honesty and truth about people, Yolande.
Your poems are often like fables... well written and engaging.

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Thu 18th Nov 2010 15:08

Welcome back! So glad to see you writing again. I love the thought that has gone into this. The faces we project to the world - a fascinating topic. We all wear them - and I would say that masks increase/decrease regionally also - though I appreciate your poem is taking a more personal view.



Thu 18th Nov 2010 11:15

Thankou for your comment Cate. I knew you would get it and empathise. LOve Yolande.

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Cate Greenlees

Thu 18th Nov 2010 10:10

A very thoughtful piece of writing Yolande. Your`re so right that we all wear masks and sometimes when we think we can see behind someone`s who is close to us, there is another one firmly in place and we are not seeing the truth.
It`s a very special person indeed that we reveal our inner self to!!
Cate xx


Thu 18th Nov 2010 07:13

Thankyou for your comment Dave. We do all have masked front in place and you have gone straight to the heart of the matter in that only certain people i.e extensions of trust, are allowed behind the mask.
Regards Yolande

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Dave Bradley

Wed 17th Nov 2010 23:30

I like this a lot Yolande. Masks are intriguing. The idea of progression through the day works well. The repetition of 'trust' in the last 3 verses stands out too. Key isn't it. I guess we'll have WOL masks and open mic masks and goodness knows what

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