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There was a lump in his throat
that could have bridged a moat,
his fixed eyes were brimming,
while the stranger was grinning.
His young mind was wracked 
by those that came and attacked
just because he was new in town,
had his accent make them frown?
As he struggled up from the ground,
still swamped by their sneering sound,
from the taunting crowd that circled him,
just how could he escape that fearful din?
Only six years old and new to fear's drone,
he wished to be transported far from home,
back to the welcoming streets where he had been,
unaccustomed to fighting with such lads so mean.
Those harsh welcoming ways of the London boys,
brought him to realise life was about more than toys,
so he was set on a path to understand all that he could,
about why people did those things he thought no one should.
Fifty three years later he looks back and can see,
that moments like that shaped his life irrevocably,
his focus was not often on the lessons in school
for they didn't clarify the patterns of life as a rule....
November 20th 2010


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John Aikman

Mon 22nd Nov 2010 23:45

Fabulously evocative. I wonder how much better it could be if you dared to rhyme it less? There are some lovely metaphors in there...and the 'drone' of fear is..well, just a superb description.


<Deleted User> (7164)

Mon 22nd Nov 2010 23:38

Unfortunately there must be memories evoked for many people as well as relating to some today.
It's one of those poems that will sadly live on in years to come.

That makes it a damn good write in my opinion. It isn't easy writing about issues of life but you do it well.x

<Deleted User> (6895)

Sun 21st Nov 2010 20:18

good poem Dave,awful subject eh-poor kids subjected to bullying and having to face it on a daily basis-terrible-fortunately a lot of schools seem to be doing well in eradicating it-but obviously it rears its ugly head in a lot of other quarters-very poignant poem Dave. very nice to see you back-handsome image and all! best to you-Stefan.

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Ann Foxglove

Sun 21st Nov 2010 19:34

I liked this a lot Dave. I expect most of us remember our first day at school! I am always puzzled when people refer to schooldays as "the best days of your life." School holidays maybe! xx

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