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You belong to the wind now...


You belong to the wind now
And the earth and the sea.
It’ll cast your body around us
Making every place your home.

Rest your head upon the mountain tops
Bathe your feet in the ocean waves
Your heart lies on the hill side
And the moon paints silver in your soul.

Sway in the breeze
Dance in the golden gleam
Of the summer sun
To the rhythm of the rain.

Your voic...

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The Silent Lake

The Silent Lake


Dark, brown, murky waters
Disguised by the attractive
Waterlilies, pond weeds.
Surrounded by lush grass
And spring flowers.

Beneath the tranquil surface
Lies a sickening past
Of a life, an infant
Stolen from the arms
Of a naive guardian.

Drowned in old fashioned ways
A sin worse than death
Disposed of like an old toy
Ignoring the throaty s...

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In the palm of ancient hands
Lies a seed to guard the dead
Buried deep in antique earth
Beside the body's head.

A thousand years ago
The burial of a friend
A tree to watch upon
The life that came to end.

Living on for centuries
As long as they're allowed
Standing in the churchyards
To protect as they have vowed.

A pagan ritual beauty
Branches rid...

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Sh*t Christmas

Wake up christmas morning
Force myself out of bed.
The happy day is dawning
And my head's full of dread.

Walk downstairs, the house is cold
And you're a sorry sight
Looking about 100 years old.
Was it just another fight?

There are gifts under the tree
But no one gives a sh*t
False smiles show no ounce of glee
Is this really it?

It's not the gifts that we don't like

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A single snowflake
Lands softly on me cheek.
And one on the back of my hand.

I watch as it slowly
Melts into beads
Of crystal.
Gradually merging into one.

The water droplet
Runs down my hand.
Lingers at the tip
Of my finger.

I let it dance there
Just for a moment
While the other
Rolls down my cheek.

Or just another tear
Remembering the brilliance
Of the...

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Rise and Fall

I watch as your chest
Rises and falls
With every laboured breath.

I stare and I wait
For your eyes to snap open
To tell me its all a dream.

You're not really ill.
Just a terrible nightmare,
But my wish isn't granted.

I just watch as your chest
Rises and falls
In the same difficult way.

I start to remember
A time when your were well.
I whisper aloud to you.


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Thanks Mum

Today, Mum, I thank you
For sticking by me like glue,
Putting up with me when I was glum.
You truly are the best, Mum.

I know I put you through hell,
I was young, but I remember well.
Back then, all I did was fight.
I wish I'd listened cause I know you were right.

Mum, I was emotionally ill
But still, I hold the guilt.
But you never gave up on me,
Though at the time, I...

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Freedom Competition Poem

Freedom Lost


Remembering the dusty, cold floors
Beneath my feet
Never feeling stable, secure.
And the dark, damp walls
Surrounding my misery.
Feeling closed in.

Feeling like there is no life
Beyond my cell.
No one existing
Except in this hell.

Gloomy shadows
Spread up the walls
A tiny, filthy window
Only allowing pin holes
Of light through
Like someon...

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Mother - I'm not 100% happy with this. It needs work, comments/ideas welcome!! :)



Whispers of a song

Private from anyone else

Softly into an infants ear


It doesn't matter

What of the song

Just Mother's voice


Chubby little arms

Clinging to Mother's warmth

The song continues


Comfort from these

Unheard words

Induce sleep


You can almost

See the love



A love that ha...

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Take me home

Take me home


This city

Is my concrete playground

But is the epitome of my boredom

And insecurity.


These lousy streets

With no sense of energy

Are the streets I walk

With no enthusiasm.


But throw me up.

Drop me.

Catch me before I hit the ground.

Make me feel alive.


Take me to the place

Where my heart is

Where it'...

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Desire or Truth?

Desire Or Truth


Is this just desire

Or the truth?

The way I can't seem

To stay away


Does it mean I love you

When your skin feels

Electric under my touch?


Does it mean I adore you

When you look at me that way

And my whole body melts to the ground?


The way you make me tingle

When you say those things

Is this just desire


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Away From Comfort

Away From Comfort


Yellowing bricks in
My eye line
As I sit here.


It's cold
I'm waiting for home
A familiar smell
A sound that I know

But sitting here
In silence
As a train rushes by

I'm thinking of you
I'm longing for you

As every sound
Makes my ears prick up
I'm wishing it was
The sound of your voice

As every second
Ticks by


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My Inspiration

My Inspiration


Your talent was astounding
Your skills were amazing
The way your fingers found the chords
On your guitar with such precision
Filled my heart with joy

When you played your clarinet
Or stick of liqorice as you used to call it
In a klezmer style
While your audience would gaze at you
With wide smiles

When concentration furrowed your brow
As y...

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