Aisle of Bombs

Aisle of Bombs

When I look into your eyes there is nothing there,

 that I understand

Kiss me on the cheek I get it right away

Oh what a sin, not to grab your hand


Sound of random chords will take away the pain 

As I walk you down the aisle of the bombs

Then we understand, then we really understand

Which side we’re standing on


Pretty Roses bleed to death in this...

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Heaven and Hell

What is it that attracts us to other human being so much we can’t breathe?

What is that gate to heaven and hell?

What is it that attracts me to you?



Mutual confusion.

Eyes in the dark, like reindeers in headlights. About to live?

What was life? What was all that fear and anger? Sweat, trembling, catching breath so hopelessly.

So hopelessly lost in you. Forever.


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A billion light years away from now

Seems to be our last mutual smile

A billion more miles away

Is were we could stay

In a kiss 

So missed

For which I pray

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I made you walk

I made you talk

I moved to your side slowly

turquise eyes were no surprise

but I'm so sorry


I never knew what you've been through

but if I knew, I'd carry you

but is that what you would want me to do?


You are of my '80s dreams

but the '80s are over

away from you away from you

You are of my '90s dreams,

but it's not the '90s don't I know...

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Westway's dark

When day falls down

be mine

for the night

passes by.

You choose which

way we run

I can't choose more than one.

You got no sleep but I found my belief,

I found my belief.


The Westway's dark.


Please stay, don't fade away

Save us,

lone stars.

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londonlonenotting hillstarsWestayxmas

China Town

love made in hollywood might badly fall apart

dance around the fairy lamps down in china town

begging god for mercy but she's busy just right now...


just like when i need you tonight
beauty from the east will cool down all the lit up hearts
burn inside the church despite you suffered all your life
searching for the peace deep in caves but not your mind

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Beech Tree (lyric)

Beech tree save breeze for me


Hideaway for highwaymen

high above broken ground

stealing souls

of maiden's hearts


Soaked in rain was my way

now blue skies do the same

sunny days

- are all the same


Walk away the tunnel way

to Highgate Hill and down again

find your mates

have your share


Hidaway for you and me

I wish we were born to be


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Plastic world

With smiles on our faces

we commit the crimes

on a daily basis-

crimes against humanity

for the sake of prosperity

we throw the devil's dice


We all signed up for it

and now we wonder why

all that we loved

tends to fall apart


Withdraw from the madness

do not oil the war

don't shoot at the buggies

don't hire newborns!


Thinking we are drops of ...

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Empty century

Stay with me boy we gonna

run tonight

like flies do run

burning after touching the light bulb


stay with me, 'cause  it's an empty and sad little century

i might have tears in my eyes

but i don't wanna see

just don't want to see


Right on time

pain arrived

why would we

stroll apart?


Walk with me now we never

had any time


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Has it really been one year?

Is this what it takes to really breathe?

Well no one told me it would be that harsh..

Well maybe..

Maybe I should have asked..


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The first of January's nights

I was looking at that window thinking

there's someone I love in there - 

and she was


I looked at your window later

waving a thousand times - 

and yet couldn't stop


I'm looking at that dim lit window

as cold rain struggles to freeze white -


And in there are my mad life's beauties,

as I lean against the first of January's nights

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Planet Earth

You're so violently pretty

with that flower on your hat

You're so arrogant and sweet

it stops me from catching breath


How could universe had chosen me

to sew it's starlit magic net?

When I hold you - we fly

back home to Planet Earth

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Save me from the lido

it makes me horny

I'm drowning in pure beauty

take me away

from the unnecessary love

I think I've had enough


Save me from your claws

I'm hurt already

there's only so much flesh you can have

blood stains on the beaks

of sweetest seagulls


life is a death trap?


She said no

I won't let go

I won't let g...

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Balloons in the tree

Pass me the toys I'll play with you

lets load the riffle let the bullet go loose!

Who's gonna shoot the balloons in the tree?

Who's gonna pull the knives out of me?


Your little sister now owns your touch

cook for the robots 'cause they fought for us

we'll never let the kite go fly free

we never ever will let you leave


So you've really got it going


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We'll meet again

Seasons turn but I don't care

people come and go

bright blue skies and golden leaves

won't heal broken souls


People and leaves fall and rise

up against the time

missing those we loved so much

we all long to die

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Tattoo Suzi

You left a lovely tattoo mark on our grey cloud world

Tatoo Suzi

your lovely bones will rattle on down the dirty streets

of Camden Suzi

where the bees go sleep at night only your hair knows

your hair Suzi

we can drink up in the skies by the railtrack bridge

your bridge Suzi


Break the broken heart

paint the damned soul dark

shut the shut down mind


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The riot of spring

   Into the riot of the spring

sirens are calling my soul

what the hell is wrong with me?

I feel like I'm a thousand years old


But I've just been a boy

who started a million fires

went down on his knees and then prayed

to catch another glimpse of your face


That day you were wearing a skirt

the day you made my knees shake

all that distant time


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Hampstead Heath

Black crows and a white stone

symbols of eternity

and our small life flows

somewhere noone knows

with or without dignity

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When you wake up right in the middle of a cold cold night

and there's no such a thing as a warm blue light

with hardly anyone around

yet you're still loved

your dreams-


it really seems

your life is made of dreams

we breathe, neither awake nor asleep

our world falling apart, yet there's football on TV

with all there is to come - just how shall an...

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angelfootballchristmasdreamsasleepblue light

November (Massive at last)

Oh they never applauded me this much!

Endless cheering!

Thousands of throats screaming,

thousands of hands waving at me only!


only - it's thousands of leaves on a massive ash tree

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November (Unbearable one)

So, so unreal-

cold and bright November day

the loved ones all around my head

and yet some miles away


Wrinkles on our faces

painted by the love of sun

and a peaceful dream that makes your beauty

an unbearable one

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November (Golden fallen)

And so as nothing leads to nothing

and your weary eyes

leaves turn golden then they fall

grasping for the past


An old tramp in the corner

monument of life

you used to own the whole world too

benches for thrones, friends to trust


All is gone yet you still live

bursting with sweet love


Love of golden fallen leaves

- that is what you've...

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novembergoldenfallenold trampleavesmonument of lifedali


..if it ain't one of my fights..

'You're kidding, you're not my shadow!'

stories and lullabies

please let's rush it, it's good that we met


This feeling you broke my spine

said sorry and dropped my shadow

seemingly amplified

we keep nothing, all has been said


Feel free to go nowhere, nowhere so soon

we got a brotherhood but we said we had a tune


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My Sea 3

And where would you be without my deep blue equality?

what was your home

when you first screamed:

'I want more!'?

But you have to go back

to my warm and loving matter

and there you'll find your friends,


and I will welcome you


As I always chose to do.

My kids are a great family

creatures above and below me

my kids, my true loving...

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In the chains of my simplicity
in the chains of your infinity
waiting for you to show me
how it was
and why
and how it all began
and will end
your shapes and rhythm are in me
I'm your weakest child
thrown out, on the shore
left with the eyes wide open
and the brain shut
gathered by knives
of your white stone teeth
cutting slowly my hope
and you're still giving me a...

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Snowed down in the year of changes
our hearts melted to one
blood doesn't freeze even in February
struggling artists and lovers don't die

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Rats can't fly
and neither can I
shame on me
on my simple poetry
Your beauty your beauty
the whole world in one girl
there's no losing freedom
for the one who cares

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Northern wind northern wind
I'm still standing straight
I'm still hoping for new days
all that hurt me to erase
I'm still laughing loud inside
though my face is scarred

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The ancient Egyptian stares at me
holding his sheet but he's got no pen.
Write, write, write
he says with his silence

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-where the windows on the train cry
just as i
did they witness the same?
abandoned cranes and merciless rain?
my eyes won't dry that easy
you need to hold me
i'm nothing but a baby
grey, grey, grey
it's not even cold
and i like the rain
no weeping this time
it's darker then my soul
almost alone on planet london
almost alone

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