Bens story..The cat the mouse and the Ben age 7 yrs for my grandma Bernadette

A little cat walks through the house looking for a friendly mouse.He is thinking of mouse for supper when suddenly he sees a spider and he smirks and thinks yummy that spider looks delicious and suddenly there was a big GULP !!  and the spider was in the cat's tummy.The cat was licking his lips when he saw a little mouse. Hello little mouse do come over for a chat, then he GULPED !!! him up in one and that was that ! Spider and mouse were both in cat's tummy and spider cried ' I want my mummy '. Mouse suddenly had a plan and the plan was for him and spider to tickle the cat's tummy until the cat spat them out so they began to tickle and tickle and tickle !!! Cat felt an itch and an ouch and he gave a big cough and spat them both out.The mouse and the spider made their way to the window and then hurried home and the hungry cat was left on his own. 


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Ann Foxglove

Tue 2nd Nov 2010 16:51

What a good stort Ben. Even my cat liked it! xx

<Deleted User> (7075)

Tue 2nd Nov 2010 11:35

Phew, that was a close call for the mouse and the spider. I am sure the cat got some cat food later and in my experience, cats don't really like eating mice, they just think they do and so they are far better off with cat food anyway. Well done Ben, a great story.

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Bernadette Herbertson

Mon 1st Nov 2010 22:52

Thank you so much val for your kind comment so glad you liked my story best wishes from ben xx

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Bernadette Herbertson

Mon 1st Nov 2010 22:50

thank you grandad steph for your kind comment and my gold star ..from ben...hi stef glad you remember me !! hope to be back blogging soon. i now have another little grandson ' Alexander Jordan ..AJ for short he is 3wks old !! lots of love and best wishes to you all and hope you are all well. Ben really enjoyed doing his little story .lets start them young I say ! xxxx

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Val Cook

Mon 1st Nov 2010 22:11

Thank you Ben that was a really interesting story. Well Done X

<Deleted User> (6895)

Mon 1st Nov 2010 20:27

Well done Ben! you go to the top of the class! plus two gold stars-one for you and one for the typist!-can we expect 'Ben&Bernadettes Blog from now on? lots of love to you both-Grandad Stef-xx-xx

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