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At dawn of day no mask is worn,

There is no sense of me,

Parental impositions  shape,

Cladding what you’ll be.


 Early morning now reveals

Half phantom mask in place,

Literal, and concrete,

This quicksilver new face.


Late morning sees a new

And abstract mask will now arrive,

Experimenting, learning,

Constant motion sets ...

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Never Shag A Poet

Never Shag A Poet


Sitting at my table I’m a face in the crowd

As I listen to the words that are read;

The stories and the laughs and the horrors that I hear

Reveal brief but clear glimpse inside your head.


Loss it would seem is a theme that recurs

As each poet lets their story unfold;

In all of it’s guises, it’s many shapes and sizes,

Events are now painfully retold.


Death is t...

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Second Chance

Second Chance


Whether to be or not to be,

To take a chance on you and me.

What to do or not to do,

A second choice for me and you.


Infinite possibilities there,

What to withhold or what to share.

Strands of viable outcomes meet,

Wait your permission before they seek

The path, or strand you then will take.

The random choice that’s now your fate


So trembling stand at crossroad, r...

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