Self indulgence

I've spent five empty years

where every facial expression

is just a gap between tears.

I wanted the world to remain as it was

and point blank refuse to adjust to my loss.

No sunrises, no beaches, no roses in flower,

no fond recollection of recent fine hours,

just a few not posed for photographs

of what once was and now is past.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sun 7th Nov 2010 17:11

I'm glad you qualified your intent, Alison, although it shouldn't have to be so. Taking a poem as the writer's personal experience is a real problem on WOL; yet, sometimes, apparently, it actually is. Even though I react to the given situation, I prefer to set all poetry apart from the writer's private life, and regard it only as a 'work'. This is an interesting observation of any person deliberately wallowing in a difficult past event or events.

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Sun 7th Nov 2010 10:12

Thank you all for comments - trust me when I say this is very much an exaggeration, playing with anger, and the poet is in real life mostly well balanced (as much as any of us can claim to be) and happy!

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Sun 7th Nov 2010 02:07

To live is to think and to reflect... and to fully be alive, is to feel.

Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Sat 6th Nov 2010 20:54

lovely poem indeed,but there are lots of terrible alternatives that might just take your mind into a state of gratefulness for ALL you have at present-(meant respectfully)best regards-Stefan

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Ann Foxglove

Sat 6th Nov 2010 16:44

I don't think feeling this way is self indulgent, even though well-meaning friends sometimes say it is, just to chivvy us into a more positive state of mind (which they may even be doing for their benefit - they are fed up with their friend being sad.) We all heal at our own rates, it's natural. xx

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