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There are doors

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Thoughts are passing

through doors and gates

To parallel worlds,

with alternative fates.

A lucid dream,

a psychedelic trace.

An open landscape,

or a crowded place.

Pools of water,

dive in take a look.

A different way to travel,

like a wardrobe in a book.

Are we on the way there?

are we on the right track?

Or falling through a hole,

like Alice very fast.

A Shamanistic journey,

a look into the past.

Its all just a fantasy

Illusions never last…

childhooddreamslost realitytravel

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Tue 30th Nov 2010 18:45

I enjoyed this - like the illusions of the snowflakes here today but gone tomorrow providing they last that long - nice one economic use of words and flows nicely - gateways eh? Who or what do we pass on the way

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