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I am not your cup of tea!



I may not be

your cup of tea

but I am your

bottle of rum --

most definitely...

so ease up that grip:

Stop strangling my neck.   


Let My liquid conflagration

scorch your lying condescension 

again and again and again.... without fail.   


If you but remember to be true  

to what lurks deep within you

I will assail your do...

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If a bitch stands on her own two feet and defends herself when she is criticised.

Then yeah I’m a BITCH.     

If a bitch is real and exposes people when they’re chatting lies.

Then yeah I’m a BITCH.

If a bitch demands respect and holds her own.

Then yeah I’m a BITCH.

If a bitch still walks in greatness  even when she’s alone.

Then yeah I’m a BITCH

If a ...

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BitchPaulyn Lloydrespecttruth


entry picture

I do have a nasty side... honest!


Empathy stinks

compassion bores me

rules are for idiots

and I abhor orders.

As for instruction,

sack it right off

couldn't give a toss if people hate me

or find me strange,

a little abrasive

distasteful, foul-mouthed

couldn't care less

I'm just me -

I'll never conform.


My clothes are 'chav'


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