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Apotheosis is a way of seeing

all things as they appear to God

Can avoid within a universe of being,  

hiving energy in  comprehending

the infinite – not stifle pansophy?


Apotheosis is a way of seeing

energy – without creating or destroying,

without mundane perceptions – as, purely

a void, within a universe of being

all life must be repudiated; cleansi...

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Apotheosis is a way of seeingIntrospectionMeditationPoSensing the infinite

Downstream Corollaries

Like those magnificently lonesome trophies -
      once hard fought for
      with all our might and capacity
      and then left to rot on the rocks;
      abysmally, in perpetuity -
all laurels and triumphs get jaded and weary
dominions faded and supremacy sickly.

Every hard earned victory
      once immaculate and pristine
succumbs to frivolous, lame apathy.

The slick sheen gathers bl...

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Esoteric doctrines

I watched as others posted

Poetry oh! So grand

Much better and much wiser

Stuff people could understand


Mines sometimes esoteric

For maybe, just one or two

About topics that are hidden

And mostly out of view


Esoteric doctrines

About occult and arcane stuff

Giving metaphysical indigestion

I dear say a few have had enough


Who would want to read


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Duality Dissected

Sometimes black and white become one. 

Gods omnipresecence is seen, white dancing across black. 

Morning comes from night. 

Day breaks and lights the dark. 

Half the world is light, while the other half is dark.

In the dance of shadows, white light reflects colors on dark night. 

Prisms take white light and reflect colors on black night. 

White light, dark night.

Black canv...

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blackdark side of the moondualityGodIntrospectionPink Floydprismreflectionspiritualitywhite


Me ne mujh sa kayir, beywafa paya koyi nai
Sharafat!   Teri  izzat  abhi   tak  khoyi   nai

Tu ley aa usey ke dhar uska  khula  hai abhi
Shayad   uski   aankhein  abhi  tak  royi  nai

Har  jhapakti  palak  me   ye   bheegha  pan
Meri    aankhein   to  furqat   se   soyi   nai

Sharafat, is  roz  to   umeed  bhi  na  yi bhar
Tere    dhar  se  aaj   bhi  guzra   koyi   nai


Mirza Sha...

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hopeintrospectionlovemelancholyromancesadurdu poetry

On leaving a hospital room

The sky in front of me is pink, as I drive home‚

there will be a frost tonight.

Beneath it the brackened hills lie pinkly rust

And trees stand starkly laced in contrast

I see every distant twig defined, sharp against the pearlescent sky.


Not much later, I sit over tea and look west

to where the sky is left creamily gold.

Above, the darkling blue is split by a fading pink ...

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Introspection (acrostic)

In careful pursuit of peace
Nothing should be allowed to impede, yes even
Treacherous thoughts should be accepted, so that
Reason is slowly allowed to win
Observe then, with each of your
Senses, the inner core of your being
Proudly sweating with the heat
Emanating from your humanity and permit the
Cold fresh wind of change to breeze into your mind
Time has no meaning if you do this right

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A Tit for a Tat

The pot called
The kettle
‘Black !'
The kettle rebuffed
‘Pot, cry not foul,
Nor must you bark,
While it is stark,
You are a sooty reflection
Of a night, pitch-dark! '
While the blood of children,
The fair sex, the feeble and the old
Is still fresh in their hand,
Perpetrators of genocide
Demand, the less democrats,
Cursed and shunned  
From a diplomatic mission,
Must step aside
By ...

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Feeling blue and lonely,

for positivity I’ve doubts


Long has been torment

 with endless sort bouts


Undoing other’s tangles

accidently I got caught


Intricately opposing to,

how I would’ve thought  


Unknown with intent wily

I still can face and fend


Familiar I can’t decipher

with their density contend  


If success was a hal...

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I’ve reached a juncture

doesn’t matter anymore


On face may seem loser

but wiser since before


Likely never transpired

surprising didn’t emerge


Accepted all dished out

veiling own latent urge


No rue is being nursed

none there to complain


Excused are all ignorant

let my loss be their gain


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