Jellicle Identity

Jellicle Cats with their three names

The Common
The Unqiue
The Label

The I in which no one but "I" would know. A self inscribed name tag collar wrapped 'round in my keyboard cutthroat self inflicted mental recognition.


The Gay One?
The Stupid One?


Pollicle Dogs, with their bark BARK BARKING up and down the streets, screaming of who "I" am. 

Pekes, as opposed to peaks, keep going when I say what "I" is. What "we" are. Lapdog bark it up and down until you tell me which triangle shaped lavoratory person stacks up to my mind or otherwise says-
That maybe

As opposed to the "I" 

Am just destined to keep sitting still and retaining nothing
When I need my hands
My paws
To flail when I listen, to have myself in my grasp, with a toy that clicks as well.


"I" am not sitting still. "I" cannot.


Jellicle and Pollicles
Jellicle and Pollicles
Jellicle and Pollicles are really not so much
So much different. 

Connor LannesIdentitythought

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