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Every time I think I have become enlightened and can handle anything, a new challenge shows up to test me. Whether it's toxicity in my body, family illness or death, rejection of a lover, friend, stranger, job, point of view, whatever... ego is the first to show up on the scene, like a paramedic giving CPR to revive my pride. Pride dies, only to come back a little weaker next round, like a cat wit...

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The Enlightenment

We walk a 
fine line in 
our relationship
with others.

Words, powerful 
as they are,
miss the idiosyncrasies 
of body language 
that convey sincerity 
and good intention.

On the road 
to enlightenment,
our muse sometimes 
knicks old wounds 
that the ego 
rushes to protect. 

Our responsibility 
with freedom 
of expression,

to speak our truth 
knowing some will ...

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Mornings Grace

entry picture

Birds chirping

Praising the beginning of a new day

As the sun rises

I look into your eyes and see

The glory of God staring back at me

Even though at that moment

Feeling unworthy

Yet still acknowledging the fact

That his Blessing was conceived

Thankful for another day

To be close to you

As our souls intertwine into one unit

Formed from a love that was given to us


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Pre-enlightened vista (a predictive text)

entry picture


The concourse at Waterloo Station

its mass of symmetry,

straight lines criss crossed by wayward walkers,


who with seemingly aimless trajectory, dance alone,

yet together.

their eyes cast down seeking elevation.


Programmed to arrive without noticing their path,

atheist traveller’s, 

their faith in nothing asks nothing of them. 


Their gods are reliable,...

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Be merciful to me, my Friend

entry picture


Please, be merciful to me my Friend,

I'm not a perfect soul

and still aspire for enlightenment.


I still do look for bed and bread,

Still messing with the stinking foul

and need a desillusioning alightment.


Though live without sex and drugs,

I need a little more of soberness

to understand Your Divine plan

and live it through with no complaint...

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be merciful to me my Friendbenightnmentenlightenment

Seek and you shall find....

entry picture


i will not be scorched
by the flame of another
i shall keep my fire
fueled only by the pure
kindling found deep
within the terrain
of my wooded home

the sun shall bring
enough light by day
and a torch well-lit
shall provide steady
footsteps to tread
the dark by night

[as I search for what
I cannot find or name]

no light save by the moon
on occasion when it

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