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French Americana

La joie 

C'est la vie pour toi!

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Good Things "Cum in 3s" (A poem of "self" discovery)

Focused on piercing eyes, light hazel abyss

I reached down earnestly past orbiting hips

Fingers parting engorged velvety lips

To find within a now aching, sensitive tip.


Writhing, squirming

Unprepared and panicked

Intensity unparalleled

Myself, I know not what to do with.


Tears, laughter

All consuming heat and fleeting chills

Dreams are becoming reality


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pleasureself loveSelf-discoverywonderment


I only try to write of joy

But you only read my sorrow


She came to me by chance

I suppose that's always so

We sang the bodies' lively dance

She rescued me from woe


She came to me in passion

I only knew my lonely life

We dreamt our bodies' ration

She rescued me from strife


The tear you see escape my eye

Remembers only pleasure

The gasp of breath yo...

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WORLD CUP 1966 personal recollections

WORLD CUP 1966 personal recollections

Blue dressed bridesmaid


Bolt down the food, get through the speeches.

Drink up the wine – what’s the time?

Time to put down the serviettes.

Time to …………

Tension is building - Tighter, harder, bolder

The groom, the best man and every one of the ushers are at the starting gate.

More interested in the future than the present.



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1966bridesmaidEnglandpleasureWinnersWorld Cup


I look on as your clothes slowly glide to the floor.
The tempatation is strong to tightly hold you,
but I want to caress and stroke you
lightly and softly until you melt under my fingers.

A gentle touch around your soft firm breasts.
My mind becomes a peaceful haven 
where only thoughts of affection reside.

My tongue slides gently around you hardened nipple
and I hear a soft groan.


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Guilty Pleasure ....

I pull you out 
Smoothing your creases 
Lying you flat so I can 
Fill you with 
A sweet mixture of guilt 
And poison
There's artistry in my fingers
As I roll you expertly
(From years of practice)
Along your length
Into the shape I desire
I lick your edges 
Firmly sealing you with a feather like touch
I place you lovingly between
My lips
Flicking the flame 
That will bring you to li...

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Blood Knot

I got a taste for blood last night.

It wasn’t yours,

It wasn’t his,

It wasn’t hers,


I got a taste for blood last night and it was my own.

Sometimes I consider draining myself dry,

Sucking myself into sand

Come, watch me crumble.

I got a taste for the blood which runs

From my lips.

But nobody ever described self destruction like this,

I never considered I mig...

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blooddarknessenjoymentpleasuresadismself destructionspirallingstruggle

Today's pleasures

Tiny moments of pleasure,

Like the weight of a warm paw, soft in the palm of your hand.

Like the silky fur of a sleeping cat heavy on your lap.

Like the warmth of a fleecy rug tucked under your chin.

Like the sense of your body sinking lower into cushions.

Like the undulating swell of traffic passing your window

in crashing waves of sound.

Like the smell of coffee as you savou...

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A Dream Come True

Feelings that once were hidden
Are now expressed to you.
Days that once were stormy
Are now the brightest blue.

Times that once were lonely
Are now filled with pleasure.
All that once was mine alone
Are now things we both treasure.

Nights that once were cold
Are now comforting and warm.
Fears that once were very real
Are now gone with the storm.

A heart that once was broken
Can now fi...

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Losing Faith

Falling from the grace of God, not really caring where my faith has gone, Lost my way upon this road, like so many times before if the truth be told
Send away my sweet caress, bring me nights of guiltiness,
Break my heart and break my bones, this is the only way I've known.   I fade to grey so suddenly, not half the man that I used to be, The peace in my heart has gone, I wonder whic...

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AbsyntheAnthony KasazkajaGuiltHellPleasure

Passion & Pleasure

Feather Bed


Softness envelopes you like a warm cloud

Sensuous touch brings us closer than skin

Time stops for almost endless moments as

We fly higher than the moon in the morning.


We are always good together methinks and

"Nothing can do us any harm"- like that song

We made out to from the White Album many

Years ago when you were just as beautiful

As you are tod...

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Morning Glory


This one was totally freestyle and impulsive. Personally I find it a bit intense (language wise) but I think everyone can relate to the wonderful subject of morning sex. It's got to be the biggest guilty pleasure going, but one of the least talked about. I sure as hell can't wait until I'm married, I'll be demanding it all the time and praising the husband from the rooftops!

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