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Thousand words, thousand thoughts, thousand screams in mind..
All asking to forget the past and pushing to a better ride..
What happened was just a bad time and was destined..
To let it go is all I want but Still not able to unwind..
What is this fear resurrected deep inside..
All I want is smile without fear but its haunting me as my eyes gets wide..
Should I feel this way or something else...

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angst is what keeps me going,,

fears hoist me up like bones

nought more live to my ears

than the dirge dread intones


yes, I've read those books on

the dark influence of stress,

yet, which school to follow?

I'm more confused, not less


finally I plumped for Sigmund,

he uses my curlers for a perch,

common sense is his forte and

he saved me years of research


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can love nestle in those eyes

a jack-pot after barren years

or is she too good to be true

the focus of my usual fears?


steeping-stones above water

bulb straining at level loam

sun-rise parting mountains

iron boss on shield of Rome


a look is better than nothing

potent a moment's glance

river hot with fragile elvers

cold steel of knightly lance



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Ooo my dear, how will you survive in this fear

It takes up dearly years to face up all your fears

They can intervene thoroughly 

Making your gleam smile into echo sorrowly

I know you'r not a musketeer

But, you are bestowed with all the spellbinding dares

Muster up your all courage

Confront all the venoms in human tranquility

Just lift up your eyes, prick their desire's


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The Wake

The Wake

The white ship slides serene, wind-blown,

heedless of its human burthen

while laying wakes but swiftly flown.


Mile-on-mile the dance of heathen

sunbursts play on flashing waters

pretty as maids, or bonds that weaken


as the leaving fades. The snows that fought us

in winters past, tall drifts in proud array,

melt clear in spring before our youngest daugh...

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First Fight

There were tears

Rolling down my face.

I never was a pretty crier,

So I looked away.


Heard your voice

Over my heavy breathing,

Crying harder when you said

You weren't leaving.


I hold tight to everything;

Knuckles white from my grip.

If I let go, even a little,

My whole world could slip.


I've been afraid, though,

To hold onto you.

My heart ga...

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The Girl Who Cried Wolf

I thought I had changed

I thought I was better

I thought I beat it

I thought I fixed it


But here I stand

Trying to be tall

Knowing I am so small

The world pressing down


I’m scared again

Swore I never would be

And no one likes it

No one wants to hear it


So keep it hush

Keep it low

Don’t want to be

The girl who cried wolf


But until ...

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fearslifeexpectationspaininternal struggle

Closet Space

I am at my best 
when I have nothing left 
for there is nothing to lose. 
Fear is a coffin, 
can bury you alive. 
Never be afraid to die 
for after life comes the light 
and all inside fly.

Life is a journey, 
a fucked up maze,
dark dark days 
much penance to pay, 
happy is in the chase. 
Opulence will end you 
but death will set you free. 
A pure heart does flutter
to the green ...

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modern lifefearstime

My Protector

The day I got that phone call I knew was the beginning of the end, that day was the last day I felt real fear. The fact that you’d be taken from me at any moment. That phone call was in fact my worse fear realized. That day it felt like you were ready to stop protecting me from the world but in that same hour I knew you wouldn’t be there to protect me at all. I flew to you, I ran to you only to se...

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If his mind was always in a daydream, 
In his eyes - the awakening of a new fear, 
And his feet - with no direction to turn. 

How do his eyes see anything - 
But his darkening soul within? 
How do his hands reach out, 
With nothing to grasp? 

It's a lonely road, 
For a soul without purpose. 
And it's about to crumble, 
Under weightless pressure.

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A Dream Come True

Feelings that once were hidden
Are now expressed to you.
Days that once were stormy
Are now the brightest blue.

Times that once were lonely
Are now filled with pleasure.
All that once was mine alone
Are now things we both treasure.

Nights that once were cold
Are now comforting and warm.
Fears that once were very real
Are now gone with the storm.

A heart that once was broken
Can ...

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Winter's debate with spring


So quiet and peaceful

the snow


The monochrome light

shimmering on late

crystaline forms


The seasons



press their agendas


Winter does not wish to


Spring fears

the responsibility of birth


The snow settles quietly

into nightfall.


Morning tells.


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Gotta Keep On


Gotta keep on moving,
keep on travelling...
keep one foot ahead of the other
like a race that has no winner.

Then I shall outrun my tears and leave all my fears

the wind before me, then behind me.
Ridding me of moistness, passed my ears.
Gotta get going, to keep from falling....
keep this foot in front, then the next.



Please make you...

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