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PAGAN THE NIGHT - Vision the First

Blue lights sparkle quaintly amidst the
Glowing dawn
The fire burns as we stand above and
The Horned One looks on
The scales were tipped, Anubis spake
Despite your small complaint
Your protests unheard, your pointless
And Ammut smiled and ate
And now above the flames you
Fear fills your once-proud eyes
“Will you leap?” The Horned One asks
And to the gods’ surprise
You swa...

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Perchance To Dream

Perchance to Dream.

Part 1

You think the world is solid, then watch it simply melt

Down a drain in the gutter, that’s just how it felt

So I followed diving in, though in a slot in the grid

There saw a woman standing, from my gaze she simply slid

Looking up, looking down, looking this way, looking that

I saw a cat with green whiskers, sitting on a mat


It’s edges quickly...

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Black Starlit Dream

In the frost sharp moonless night

the stars light the air

with a quiet and mystic brilliance

much closer than of yore

as a still quiet


the world below


Through the cold crystal dark night

a ghost drifts the grass

silent echo of a whispered flight

tree high above my eye

its soft locus


the land below


Through an ice star argent glea...

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