Wandering mind

I should be focussing on the task at hand

yet i don't because theirs more interesting thing's in my head

i should be watching the movie that i paid to see

but i don't because theirs stuff to worry about

I should enjoy the train ride home listening to music on my phone

but unfortunately that's to much leisure 

i must go back to thinking some more 

Lying awake in bed at night 

still day dreaming about thing's from the past

They do not matter anymore 

yet i can't seem to escape from these thoughts 

constantly their on how situations could have worked out better

I could have improved on so much thing's

But thinking and worrying wont change anything.

So why is it my mind wanders like that?

Think past future present nothing will change unless you make it 

Perhaps one day i'l stop with this nonsense.

But can you really outgrow something you've done since you were born?


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