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Wandering mind broken down

perhaps one day i'l stop with this nonsense
but can you really escape your own fucking conscience?
Think future present past nothing will change unless you make it
when you see your chance you better take it
I should be wathcing the movie i paid to see
not worrying about my family
But unfortunately that's to much leisure
I deny myself that lovely pleasure

Who know's what you just might f...

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Wandering mind

I should be focussing on the task at hand

yet i don't because theirs more interesting thing's in my head

i should be watching the movie that i paid to see

but i don't because theirs stuff to worry about

I should enjoy the train ride home listening to music on my phone

but unfortunately that's to much leisure 

i must go back to thinking some more 

Lying awake in bed at night 


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Wandering expositions

entry picture

Poetry has many inspections
each line, like thought, re-touched.
We frown at fingered collections
of nouns, and other, stuff.
There are troublesome inflections
and bleeding, wrung-out, verbs,
the wandering explications
of rhymes, the metre, serves.
There are stand alone conjunctions
in hope, that it, amazes,
in solitude it functions
in contrived, schematic, phrases.



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Lost Smile

entry picture

I'm a wandering ghost
Moving place to place
On a quest
To find my lost smile.

It was lost during a battle
Between happiness and despair
Leaving me with a star
To remember my loss.

In the eyes of others
I'm just an emotionless boy
But behind these stoic eyes
Lies a complex young man.

Struggling to break free
Inside this introvert shell
That I call a home.

I'm a liar
A wreck
A regre...

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