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Logical Phallusy 3 (or Christmas Miracle)

I’m a bloke with a bun in the oven, How it happened was, all of a sudden, Whilst making some cookies, Me and Gabriel had nooky, Now I’m pushing them out by the dozen.

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About Islam


Hello Ghazala,
I was wondering if you could tell me the meaning of some words you use?
Do you recognise Jesus as a prophet?
Do you celebrate his birthday at Christmas?



Thanks for the comment U.O.C
sakeenah is tranquility, calm, peace, serenity
Azzawajall means almight...

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Christmas Card Poem (2022)

Over the stillness
a silence greets our walk
alongside the snow
to your family,

the wind curiously absent
and no children
eager to build snowmen
or men walking their dogs,

a stillness greeting footsteps
that one sound
carrying us forward
binding us together in excitement,

that one continuous emotion
a love spreading us onward
across the snow
forwards never backwards


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5 days until Christmas Haiku

5 days until Christmas Haiku


Emptying the food shelves

five days until Christmas falls

panic rises high.



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Purely HaikuHaikuChristmasChristmas Haiku

A Christmas Bauble

As snow came down

her wondrous eyes

flared as bright

as winter skies


She imagined they fell

from Santa's sleigh 

And that he might

pop down & say:


What a good girl

you've been this year 

You may get more

than an apple & pear!


And through a window

frosted lightly,

she saw a snowman

fat, but sprightly!


He danced & raised

his batt...

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It's Christmas not Winter

Nearly bloody well threw up,

Today in bloody M&S,

Sick of bloody bull-shit,

Bloody “Winter Wishes” dishes!

Jesus Christ, enough already,

This is bloody Britain mate!

We’re celebrating bloody Christmas,

Not “Winter bloody Festival”,

Not “Winter bloody Holiday”,

This ain’t the bloody USA,

It’s bloody-well the UK,

Shove your bloody “Winter” bollocks,

Where the bloo...

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Fluffy Snow

Fluffy Snow by William McKechnie is available from most media platforms.

Originially a poem turned into a song

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