I Miss You

Hello there,

Angel from my nightmares.

Devil from my dreams

a grey spirit that weaves

its way through my existence.

What a Dementor does to souls

or a Dalek to a human heart.


Even a superhuman heart

can break.


Just ask Logan,

a force so strong

a returning phoenix

could not reignite remnants.


I miss you.

Whatever you do...

Don't Blink.

Blink means death.

182 seconds of life left.

Wrists twisted

in time

like a chain of memories.


A knotted placebo where love once resided.


Religious zealotry,

your absence yells at me.

RadFem frequencies,

this pain an indecency.

Forever susceptible to the illogical.


Love is illogical too

but at least it can be trusted.


5 months since we last spoke

and I worry about you.

Beyond what we were,

it scares me what you've become.

And no, you don't owe me conversation

You don't owe anyone conversation

but you may want to engage in such.

I want you to want to engage in such.


What hurts the most

is I felt we were over the hurdle.

Five Faces smiled at Satan's favourite demon.

You controlled him,

I controlled them.

And we were out of control,

wilfully chaotic

with each other.


And I miss you.


I miss you.

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