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First, it is only that the tree

is more a presence

less a shadow

beyond my window

then other horizons

light their resting clouds

with a subtle pre-dawn glow

that slowly sets the first gold sun glint

on each high branch above

against a new pale blue sky -

will dawn chasten my succubus

end our companioned time?

that half-felt fragile warmth beside me

seems to s...

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Mornings As Riches


only so high roll the sun up the sky 
that a guild of mists should profit thereby
that artists among us may train their eye
on those untouched sheaves of gold they so prize

silence between thoughts in the ideal world...
enter the whistle or pip of one bird
frame and magnify the lyrical word
for her plain song purport may yet be learned

bright is the morning, the shadow has passed

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