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Hot Springs

entry picture

My wine glass doesn't fit in the cup holder

My happy meal has the same old toy

I thought I was ok with older

But I'm devastated

Cinnamon sass

Sarcasm was your art

Your heart so much bigger

Than the best fed panther in the park

There's no missing

You're always here

I have every crackling word

Every growling laugh

Every smarmy sweater

Every holiday passed


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What My Heart Consists Of:

entry picture

If you asked

what my heart



I would say;

half is pain.

Other half?



If you said

love was dead,



Clear your head,

break the shell.

Reveal your



It's called pain,

caused by words.



Cant blame it,

bred to kill.

Grimmest of



Sad but true,

both the halves


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