Jimmy Is A Ghost

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Jimmy Is A Ghost


Jimmy is a ghost

Of the man he used to be

He sits in the rain

Drinking second hand tea

And he hopes that his kids

Will never have to see

His hands outstretched

In an ignored plea

Yeah Jimmy is a ghost


Jimmy is a ghost

Off of Oxford Street

He has nothing left to barter

He has nothing left to eat

Just threadbare dreams

And trainers on his feet

And the currency he craves

Is a little warmth and heat

Yeah Jimmy is a ghost


Jimmy is a ghost

With a heart of gold

Fallen on hard times

Twenty seven years old

Kicked out on the streets

Hungry and cold

No one to love

No one to hold

Yeah Jimmy is a ghost


Jimmy is a ghost

That gets kicked at night

As he huddles in shop doorways

For the shelter and the light

By kids who know

What they’re doing isn’t right

and he’s too damned tired

To put up a fight

Yeah Jimmy is a ghost


Jimmy is a ghost

Jimmy’s never seen

Just a dry spot on the pavement

Where Jimmy’s been

One less doorway

They’ll need to clean

One less chance

To vent their spleen

Yeah Jimmy is a ghost


Jimmy is a ghost

Where he used to lie

Another lonely spirit

Tries to keep dry

Another lonely spirit

Stares up at the sky

And remember his friend

And starts to cry

Cause Jimmy is a ghost

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Graham Parker

Fri 26th Apr 2019 17:54

Nice work. Strong message without being overly sentimental; which is easy to do with such subjects.

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