My Ghostly brother..???

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Robert you have
you have so secretly
become the ghostly brother of mine
that i did not know i had.

In the picture i have
that mother gave to me
you lie in the bottom left corner
on a wooden bench
barely being able to consider
that a be lovable soul was once even there
by its faded colors it express

And sometimes when I try to recapture
at least one memory I might have of you,
there wistfully isn't a sign of a single memorization of you.
Making it more believable that the more you become less real
the more of a ghostly spirit you become in my heart and dreams.

Brother, oh where,
oh where could you be,
where could of life have taken you
far from me.

brotherghostheart and dreamless reallifememory of youquestionsadSpirit.

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