The Blanket

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I found it in the loft

In a dusty old chest

It whispered, come closer

Come get some rest


I made it to the bedroom

As slumber took my eyes

The blanket in a corner dark

Stifling long lost cries


I heard them in my dreams

A young girl's shallow wailing

I felt his hands around her throat

Under twilight slowly fading


I awoke to it upon my bed

Heaped, crumpled & creased

Like a weary old face

Of something long-since deceased


It's only a blanket

To myself, I kept saying

But, under my breath

I found myself praying


I tried to get up

But my body lay still

Every limb brushed

With icy fingers of chill


It began to unfurl

Creeping up to my throat

As muscle & flesh

Began to stiffen & bloat


I could no longer breathe

As it crept to my face

Cold pennies on eyes

For death's sweet embrace




I awake bleary eyed

In a room not of mine

Where flickering shadows

Dance not of my time


At a table sits a girl

The blanket keeps her warm

Opposite, sipping whiskey

The beast in human form


The atmosphere lies heavy

With stale sweat & ale

As I try to look beyond

This enigmatic veil 


I know what I must do

In this place of long ago

And, I pray this vengeful shroud

Will, then, let me go…



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Stephen Atkinson

Sat 30th Oct 2021 18:36

Thank you very much Stephen & Jordyn, glad it gave you a Halloween vibe!
And for the likes Pete & John!

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Jordyn Elizabeth

Fri 29th Oct 2021 22:41

Each line of this crackled with energy. Chills! I'm left with an eerie feeling.
Well done.


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Stephen Gospage

Fri 29th Oct 2021 16:41

An unsettling poem if there ever was one, Stephen!

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Stephen Atkinson

Wed 27th Oct 2021 22:54

Thank you for the comments!
Yes, Candice, a little twist on the old comfort blanket!
Thanks Greg. Still remember the first time I saw The Exorcist 😳
And John, one of my favourites, The Raven 👍
M.C. while everyone was reading The Beano etc, I was reading Weird Tales & stranger than fiction...
Thanks Julie, Happy Halloween 🎃
And for the Like, Holden

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julie callaghan

Wed 27th Oct 2021 19:58

Another compelling story. Perfect for Halloween.

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M.C. Newberry

Wed 27th Oct 2021 15:45

Spooky indeed. It reminds me of the horror comics i knew and
remember from an early 1950s childhood. One story had a four
poster bed with a canopy that descended upon the hapless unsuspecting occupant to smother its victim. Oooer!!

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John Coopey

Wed 27th Oct 2021 11:20

Great stuff, Stephen. Mysterious and threatening. It reminded me of The Raven.

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Greg Freeman

Wed 27th Oct 2021 08:47

Excellent poem, Stephen. A really spooky tale, just in time for Halloween. Something in the attic ... reminds me of The Exorcist.

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Candice Reineke

Wed 27th Oct 2021 02:37

Bravo with the irony in this piece. You turn an inanimate object meant to comfort us into a haunting villain who can't be trusted. We all have one in our bedroom – no one can escape your artistry!

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